A powerful typhoon has killed three children in the Philippines

June 4. In the Philippines, the first hit by a typhoon. At least three people dead and six missing. The disaster led to floods in several parts of the country, including near the capital Manila, said "of Korrespondent.net." Now typhoon is at the northern Philippines. Wind speed within its range is 140 kilometers per hour. With some gusts reaching 170 kilometers per hour.

According to rescuers, the three victims — the children. Now the country is searching for missing people, said portal "Tursvodka.ru."

Usually falls every year in the Philippines from 15 to 20 such natural disasters. In the past year become victims of typhoon 1500.

Typhoon Moor is not retreating

Weather forecasts to the typhoon Moor justified. Night of 3 June, he struck the Philippines. Wind speed at the same time reached 175, and in some places 250 km / h Per hour over Luzon and the surrounding area fell to 250 mm. In Dagupane and neighboring Iba precipitation also had a significant (up to 150 mm).

As a result, several flights canceled and changed the schedule of ships. In the ports of Luzon await a decision on their flights Bole 1300 passengers. The initial number of missing is 13-minute. At the moment, confirmation of the six sailors and a seven-year child whose whereabouts are unknown. Two children aged 2 and 4 years old drowned in the western part of the country in the province of Palawan.

At the moment Moor moves north and north-east towards Taiwan and about. Ryukyu (Japan) at 120 km / h with gusts up to 150 km / h Meteorologists do not exclude the gain hurricane in the next day, as he crosses the zone of favorable climatic conditions to the east of Taiwan, where heavy rain has already been registered in the mountainous part of the island (287 mm). Further Moor, leaving Japan in the north-east, leaving the last rainy-wind trail in the southern part. Honshu.

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