A sample of prospective SAM Pine short-range presented in Smolensk

  • Photo: www.kbtochmash.ru
  • Photo: www.kbtochmash.ru

On the basis of the Military Academy of the military defense of the Armed Forces the Marshal Vasilevsky in Smolensk today started the military-scientific conference on the development of air defense forces of the Army / CB /. As the chief of the Air Defense Forces NE Major-General Alexander Leonov, on the "negotiated and discussed the views of the Ministry of Defence, design bureaus and defense industry on the state and the possibility of new types of weapons and military equipment, as well as methods of using these samples to perform air defense missions."

At the conference, representatives of the defense industry have launched an exhibition of samples of manufactured products, as well as demonstrated working models of combat modules are developed for different modifications of anti-aircraft missile systems "Tor-M2", wheeled and crawler. General Leonov, commenting on the products exhibited by "defense", said that in addition to equipment already in the field air defense weapons, and it presents new models. 

"For example, developing a model first introduced anti-aircraft missile complex" Pine "short range. Complex has not yet passed the state tests and the need to discuss its possibilities before deciding whether it needs adopting," — said the chief of the Air Defense Forces ST. Developers SAM "Pine" explained that he "intended to protect military units and units in all forms of fighting, including on the march, from air attack / SVN / and exploration potential enemy." SAM is able to work effectively at any time of the day when visibility is limited by the availability of natural and man-made interference.

Speaking at the conference, General Leonov noted that "SVN — this is the main military threat that comes from the air and from which you want to have protection. Solves this problem and defense." "Over the past 20 years there has been a sharp jump in the development of SRI, but we also have achievements, how to deal with them. Now, in fact, a change of an entire generation of air defense and SVN. All of these issues are discussed at the conference, and the necessary countermeasures EHV opponent accepted ", — said Head of the Air Defense Forces.

The conference is attended by Chief of General Staff Lt. Gen. NE Sergei Istrakov, the deputy head of the Duma Committee on Defense Franz Klintsevich and the delegation of 42 production units, 26 military schools, 19 design centers and research institutes in the country, chiefs of Air Defense and Air Force military districts Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, representatives of the armed forces and defense industry of Belarus.

Military Academy of the army air defense in Smolensk not accidentally chosen as the site for the annual military and scientific conferences. As the general said Leonov, "scientific potential Academy is appreciated not only military, but also the defense companies that are associated with the Academy." It employs more than 40 military doctors of sciences, 200 candidates of Military Sciences, who represent all areas of the defense. This automated control system and radar, and firepower, and protection. There are some serious developments in the field of software and so-called "artificial intelligence" — this is a new trend, which is engaged in academy and in which it is at its most cutting edge.

Military-scientific conference will end on June 7.

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