A state of emergency was introduced in the Altai due to fires

A state of emergency was introduced in the Altai due to firesEmergency was introduced in several areas because of the high fire danger Altai, chances go wildfires from the Republic of Kazakhstan, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, a representative of Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Altai Territory.
In September 2010, a fire began to spread from the Russian-Kazakh border to the Mikhailovsky district of the Altai Territory. Burned a large part of the village Nikolaevka and three houses in the village of Bastan. Left homeless nearly 1.3 thousand. The total area affected by cross-border fire, was 12.945 thousand hectares, including forest — 10.244 thousand. Damaged 1.66 million cubic meters of timber. The damage to the forest fund, estimated at 17 billion rubles.
According to MOE, for three days from 17 to 20 May in the region in the western part of the region remain extremely high fire risk (fifth grade we burn.)
"Occurrence of manmade disasters to the municipal level, related to forest and grassland fires in Volchihinskom, Bayes, Klyuchevskaya Kulundinskoye, Rodinsky, Rubtsovsk Mamontovskoye, Habarskom Shelabolihinskom and regions", — said the representative.
According to him, there is a transition probability of wildfires from the Republic of Kazakhstan. Emergency Management warned that in the current situation is strictly prohibited for agricultural fires, burning grass and debris near the forests, fires.
In 2010, in the Altai Territory was officially recorded the longest in 100 years fire season, the duration was 210 days. Emergency mode due to the risk of fires has been introduced in 15 districts of the region.

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