About 50 tactical exercises conducted airborne air defense units in the 2012 academic year

In the 2012 academic year with the military units of air defense (AD) of the Airborne Troops (VDV) held about 50 battery tactical exercises with live fire.

During the exercise, Marines performed more than 110 combat launches anti-aircraft missiles (SAMs) of man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS), "Needle" and anti-aircraft missiles (SAMs) "Strela-10M3", as well as nearly 200 firing of anti-aircraft ZU-23 .

Compared with the previous year the number of battery air defense exercises Airborne has increased by almost a third, and the number of fire missions executed with practical firings of the ZU-23 increased by 4 times.

Special attention was paid in the current year of study and practical development of new paratroopers weapons and military equipment (AME), and entering the air defense units of the Navy. This, in particular, sets of management subsystem unified air defense command and control at the tactical level, "Barnaul-T", small radar detectors (MRLO) aerial targets "Accordion", etc.

Planning was carried out retraining Defense Airborne on core areas related to the operation of modern samples of weapons and military equipment. For example, in 2012 about 40 Marines raised the qualification for academic courses at the Military Academy of the military defense of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to them. Marshal AM Wasilewski (Smolensk), including 10 people with specialization "automated control systems."

15 Navy commanders air defense units were trained at a defense plant in Nizhny Novgorod, where they received the application and operation skills coming into force of new MRLO "Accordion".

Combat training of military units and air defense units Navy carried out in close cooperation with the paratroops (air assault) units and subunits, including at the tactical command post exercises and training.

All the tasks of tactical and special training paratroopers were fulfilled comprehensively, transcripts and shooting exercises conducted by real air targets. In this simulated flying air targets simultaneously from different directions at different altitudes and trajectories.

Important events in the training of commanders Defense Airborne paratroopers also became involved in the qualifying rounds and the final of the All-Army competition commanders air defense missile batteries of the Armed Forces.

The best results for the academic year of 2012 anti-aircraft missile airborne military units recognized under the command of the Guards Regiment Lieutenant Colonel Alexei Vasiliev Novorossiysk air assault connections (mountain). At the head of anti-aircraft missile batteries airborne (air assault) Airborne Regiment was a unit led by the Guard Captain Igor Pliev of Stavropol.

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