Activists Speak the truth meet with deputies of the Minsk city

August 24, as the previous day, activists of the "Tell the Truth" was met with members of the Minsk City Council and in conversations trying to figure out their relationship to rename a street in Minsk street named after Vasil Bykov, as well as giving a subway station after people's writer.

The leader of the "Tell the truth," the poet Nyaklyayeu notes that none of the five members, with whom discussions were held, has spoken out against the initiative.

"One of the first we saw with Vladimir Prokoptsov. This is a city council member and director of the Art Museum, thus, people most close to the area in which he worked Vasily Bykov, to art. He did not argue is that one of the streets and one of the metro stations should be called the name of Vasil Bykov. He said that he had a conversation with the chairman of the city executive committee and they will work in this direction. And no one in fact did not mind. Today, we met with the deputy Vadim Kudinja, a representative of the younger generation. As I understand it, he came out of the Belarusian Communist Youth League of today. He has a young assistant. He listened to us very carefully and said that he understood the problem that it is not for the fact that the campaign "Tell the Truth" conflicts with the Minsk city executive committee, and for that to solve this problem properly. I asked that "properly — giving it the name Bykov streets and metro stations"? He said that at first look into the problem, but so are inclined to think. "

The campaign "Tell the Truth" for a few months, has collected more than 105,000 signatures to rename one of the central streets of Minsk in the street Vasil Bykov and giving the name of the writer subway station. In July, the signatures were submitted to the Minsk city executive committee, where it is still being studied issue, initiated by "Tell the truth." Activists say that conversations with members decided to "help the process."

"We went in a way that does not seem to expect from us officials. They assumed that we will give up at any department or commission, and we'll go with that. No. We'll do it our lobby. Somebody out there has to feel responsible to the people, who elected them. 105,000 signatures — it's your constituents, listen to them, "- said Nyaklyayeu.

Along with him met with members of the activists Yuri Oleynik, Sergey Wozniak, Julia RimashevskayaI am. Activists of the "Tell the Truth" expect to meet with all the deputies of the city council, of which more than 50.


"Tell the Truth"

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