After an abnormal rain Bangkok dives

After an abnormal rain Bangkok divesThe capital of Thailand could soon go under the water. According to the Center for the Prevention of Natural Disasters in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Thailand, floods in the central provinces of Thailand in Bangkok and can begin at any time from Wednesday to Saturday of this week, according to RIA Novosti. The mountainous areas in the west, north and east of the country announced mudflow warning. Resort areas of Thailand, it is not affected.

In Bangkok, the likelihood of flooding embankments Chaophraya and located next to the river areas, there are no specific barriers. Center recommended that all residents of the capital, under the threat of flooding, move your personal property in the safe zone.

The greatest danger now is for Bangkok spill mountain reservoirs in the north and north-west Thailand, according to specialists. These reservoirs through a system of rivers, tributaries, feed Chaophraya River — one of the major waterways of South-East Asia, which flows through Bangkok.
Dam forming the reservoir, regulating the outflow of water in the river, but if the water level is above the dams, he can rise in the river a meter and a half in a few hours, leading to the partial flooding of coastal areas of the city and the areas below sea level. The last time this happened was in 2002, when the depth of water in some areas of Bangkok reached five feet. Since the introduction of the capital were put new drainage system, but is there enough of their power to ensure that prevent flooding, experts find it difficult to say yet. The rate of flow of water in the Chao Phraya is very close to the figure of 3900 cubic meters per second. It was at such a rate of inflow was the Bangkok flood of 2002.

Floods in August and September in Thailand occur annually — at this period is the peak season of monsoon rains that cause flooding waters, mud flows and landslides in parts of the country. But this year, the amount of rainfall and duration of seasonal rainfall exceeded all records.

Over the weekend, 17-hour downpour caused temporary flooding resort east coast of Thailand, including much of the world famous resort town of Pattaya. In some areas of rain destroyed asphalt roads and streets, creating holes and dips. On Monday because sdvizhek diffuse soil collapsed three-storey building workers' dormitory in Saraburi, 100 kilometers north of Bangkok. Under the debris killed five people.

Earlier it was reported that due to heavy rains in the area zoo Million Year Stone Park, which is located about 15 kilometers from the center of Pattaya'''' ran several dozen crocodiles. Police officers and volunteers for several days caught around the resort town of Pattaya in Thailand, more than two dozen crocodiles. Crocodiles "escaped" from the Pattaya tourist zoo during unprecedentedly long downpour turned into a weekend resort city streets into rivers deep half. After the end of rain on Sunday in Pattaya Water receded and glass in the sea, but in a more low-lying areas of the ground in a huge deep puddles remained, and on Monday, hampering traffic.

In the tourist zoo Sutthavut Themthap sure'' in the near future they will be able to catch all the fugitives, as these animals were born in captivity and do not know how to produce their own food. "The largest of the escaped animals, 400-pound three-meter crocodile on named Chao Yai ("Big Boss") had already been caught.

"Escape" from the territory of a crocodile farm in Thailand occur every year during the rainy season. When rain water fills the ponds, which contain crocodiles, and its level is higher than the level of the surrounding pond lattices, reptiles swim them and turn for a while on the loose. Concern is mainly the fact that the zoo is located near a residential area built villas and protected villages.

Continuous heavy rain — anomaly even for the monsoon season, which peaks in Thailand has usually in August — September. This year the rains started earlier than usual, and during August and September precipitation well above normal for this period. Anomalous precipitation twice YTD caused severe flooding in Thailand.

Note that the flood caused by strong monsoon rains, have killed at least 20 people last week in the eastern Indian state of Orissa. In the area of disaster was more than two million people, more than 3.5 thousand flooded villages, about 24.5 thousand houses destroyed. Helicopters deliver bags of food to the affected regions. Headquarters for flood control has engaged in an operation to evacuate residents from the flooded area around a thousand boats and boats, according to local press. Naedyatsya authorities that the situation will improve soon, since the intensity of monsoon rains reduced.

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