After birth: issues to the gynecologist

After birth: issues to the gynecologist.  Photo from

When restored a normal menstrual cycle?

Recovery times of the menstrual cycle for each woman unique. In many ways, it depends on lactation. After birth, the female body produces the hormone prolactin, which stimulates milk production and also inhibits the formation of hormones in the ovaries, thus preventing ovulation.

The longest menstruation does not occur in women who are breast-fed "on demand." Most often in such cases, the normal cycle is restored by reducing the number of feedings after early introduction of complementary foods. When mixed feeding or breast-feeding "on the clock" menstrual cycle, in most cases, restored after 3-4months. At artificial feeding (baby gets only milk replacer) restored menstruation, usually the second month.

How long should I breastfeed?

Breast milk — the most useful, balanced and valuable product for the newborn. Well, if the baby gets breast milk at least six months. Remarkably, if he has the opportunity for one and half years. Furthermore, during feeding, the release of hormones that cause the uterus to contract actively, and hence recovery is faster delivery.

Can you get pregnant if you have not recovered from a regular cycle?

Pregnancy can occur even in the absence of normal menses. This is because ovulation begins an average of two weeks before your period comes. Abortion in the first months after the birth of a child is a serious hormonal and emotional stress, which leads to various disorders in the female reproductive system. In order not to face the fact an unplanned pregnancy, it is necessary first to the doctor after giving birth to discuss contraception.

When after birth can begin to live sex?

Sex after childbirth can be resumed after about 6-8weeks, i.e. after discharge from the genital tract will become a regular character. It is not recommended to start having sex earlier because the cervix is not yet fully formed. Possible penetration of the infection and the development of inflammation of the inner layer of the uterus (endometritis).

When you're ready to physical education?

Do not rush immediately after delivery run to the gym. The body needs time to recover. It is necessary to wait until all the stitches heal and end bleeding from the genital tract. A start exercising in the gym or in the pool will be the first visit to the doctor after giving birth in the absence of contraindications.

After some time, it is better to plan the next pregnancy?

The interval between pregnancies depends on how you proceeded childbirth and the postnatal period.

If labor were independent, and later in the year a woman is breastfeeding, pregnancy is best to plan a year after the end of lactation. This is to ensure that the body recovered from the previous pregnancy and prepared for a new one.

If the birth took place by Caesarean section, the next pregnancy to better plan, not earlier than 2-3year. Previously pregnant is not recommended, as the scar on the uterus can not withstand the load and go. On the other hand, the delay subsequent pregnancy for decades is not worth it, because over the years in the rumen will prevail connective tissue that badly stretched.

If pregnancy or childbirth complications were, before a new pregnancy should be carefully examined in order to minimize the risk of unpleasant surprises.

Despite his busy schedule, a new mother should not forget timely appeal to the gynecologist, because prevention is always better than the disease. Remember, the closer you will be to their health, the more care and affection can give your baby.

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