Again, the anomaly. In the Tyumen region is also waiting for freezing rain

General Directorate of Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Tyumen region appealed to the people of the region with caution due to the deteriorating weather conditions. As reported «URA.Ru» in the press-service agency, today, December 14, according to the weather forecast, in the south of the site where it will be "freezing rain", so that the road can form ice. In this glaze effects continue into the night. The temperature will be kept at the level of ± 2 — minus 7 degrees.
"The appearance of ice Uvat district is expected", — explained in the press service of the regional administration Emergencies Ministry.

Meanwhile, until the end of the week, according to the weather forecast, will be held in relatively warm weather. Temperature does not exceed the mark of minus 11 degrees. Will be cloudy with occasional light snow. But at the weekend in the region has become cold. The mercury drops to minus 25 degrees during the day, minus 33 degrees at night. In this case, precipitation is expected.
I should add that the "freezing rain" was a disaster for the Chelyabinsk. As reported «URA.Ru», at night in the capital of the South Ural was rain that for mid-December, a rare phenomenon for the region. And the air temperature dropped to minus 15 degrees, and the water immediately froze. By the morning with ice covered wires, cars and sidewalks. Especially slippery where thoroughly cleared of snow. Asphalt has become the real ice rink.


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Unbelievable but true! In the wake of the Chelyabinsk Ekaterinburg came "freezing rain." Forecasters: though it's an anomaly, but it is understandable

The capital of the Urals are now faced with unusual phenomenon for the winter: in and around the city to rain. As told «URA.Ru» Head Regional weather forecasting meteorologist Galina Serdyuk rain associated with the emergence of what is now the mark — zero temperature. "The layer of 1 to 5 thousand miles from the earth temperature are positive. On the ground at the moment minus 7 degrees, and above plus 8 degrees. The temperature difference and led to the emergence of Rain. In addition, according to Serdyuk clouds should normally be in the solid phase. Now, their phase is not typical.

The reason for such natural disasters is that, far from the Middle Urals cyclone passes, slowly leaving the north-east. "Center of the cyclone away from us. Therefore, heavy rainfall is expected ", — said Head of the weather forecasts.

However, according to Serdyuk, such phenomena, in particular, the rain in December, are extremely rare. "As a result of the city and on the roads of tomorrow formed black ice", — she said.

Meanwhile seen rain in mid-December was not only the residents of the Sverdlovsk region and the neighboring regions. In particular, the night before, on December 14, the rain has passed in the Chelyabinsk region, resulting in the roads and highways formed strong ice. Wire covered with ice, cars and sidewalks. Particularly slippery was where thoroughly cleared of snow. Asphalt has become the real ice rink.

According to Galina Serdyuk, rain in the Southern Urals was also the result of the arrival of the cyclone, which is now moved in the direction of the Sverdlovsk region. By the way, the appearance of rain predicted on the eve and in the Tyumen region.

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