All hide. Repression as if there was any …

August 23 — Europe-wide Day of Remembrance of victims of all totalitarian and authoritarian regimes. The European Parliament announced this day in memory of the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, which contributed to the outbreak of the Second World War.

Or immortalized in Belarus properly memory of the innocent victims of totalitarian regimes?

Man: "In Grodno monument? Frankly speaking, I do not know too much. I think a little is not enough to perpetuate the memory of those who died. Katyn monument at a military cemetery? Once I was there, but not really looking."

Elderly man: "The police in white sitting, I thought that a holiday today … If anyone is reading historical literature, I also read and I know there was such a pact."

Man: "In this issue it is very difficult to answer … "

Woman: "agree that it is correct. But plaques I do not know, we look as if it was not, even though we know from our parents that repression was, but it was hidden. And so far so: that this was not at all. "

Man: "Would monuments …"

Woman: "And Signs be, as well as to learn the names of those people, to find their relatives, who adpakutvav for nothing. "

Man: "I know all about how the Poles only the tail lift ride up, no one what's to blame, there were Stalin, Hitler, and selling the Polish system, which was not only in Poland but also in the Romanians, Czechs, were all the same . Why we love the Roman conquerors, and why Stalin was worse? But he did not win, did not attack first, in my opinion. I do not praise him, not defending, but worse than it is. When Stalin monument remained, though worth it. A totalitarian regime, Communists — advanced one and all to the memory never left. Especially lifting tail, Youth Union, that's what the parasite, parasites, and the same thing as the Young Communist League. Stalin would have crushed them if they continue to behave like this: just go to the festival walk, run and do not want it — the future totalitarian regime. "

Woman: "The Nazi victims, probably in Lenin Square, a monument to soldiers killed. A victim of the Stalinist regime in our city, I do not know. "

Reporter: "The Katyn Cross at the military cemetery on Belusha."

Woman: "I did not know it was a victim of Stalin, I thought it was-World War II …"

Man: "Here at the Castle, a monument of the Jewish ghetto on Folyush, there too, was a concentration camp. We need to put things in order, we are adults, so that our children and grandchildren had a memory, you need to learn it, because they are a lot of things do not know. happens once or we do not want to talk about it, but we need to. "

Young man: "Belarus has consistently been part of the empire, Polish, Russian, under the yoke. Suvorov many expressions of Belarus, this fact is not, they say, has always been friends with Russia, but it is not. I am pleased that the part of Europe want to protect smaller nations and at least morally support us. attention in Belarus itself this is not enough, not enough. western regions are oriented toward Europe, and here remember all the trouble they were. necessary to have Memorial Day, a day of trouble, so we could pay homage to our forefathers to march through the city with flags were carried, but I think we have it will not be soon. "


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