Anapa eyes fixed mass death of dolphins

In the Peninsula Big Utrish under the resort city of Anapa killed dozens of dolphins. They are found at the bottom of the Black Sea scuba-athletes.
"Dolphin-harbor porpoises were about two dozen" — ITAR-TASS in a local dolphinarium. Local residents also saw three dolphins thrown a heavy storm on the coast.
Dolphin experts said that beached animals are called "porpoises". It is the smallest of Black Sea dolphins. Harbor porpoises his nickname because he is a favorite habitat chose the Sea of Azov.
Dolphin trainers suggest that the most likely cause of death is to hit them in a network of fishermen, in which mammals entangled, just suffocate. Is not excluded influenza "porpoise."
More detailed information will be obtained from experts Karadag State Reserve Sebastopol Center for the Study of dolphins that will study the circumstances of the death of the animals.
This is not the first unfortunate incident. This happened two years ago in the Tuapse district, where on the beach in the resort town of Lermontov was seen four cast ashore dolphins. The length of the largest of them is about 60 centimeters, others — less.

Most likely, the dead dolphins migrated along the Black Sea coast of mackerel shoals from Abkhazia to the Kerch Strait. Inspired by the pursuit of fish, they might be too close to the coast, where big waves were thrown out on the beach.
In the administration of Anapa told a pack of 26 dead dolphins have also recently discovered in the Crimea.

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