Announced a new nationwide competition for industrial enterprises in the country!


In 2012, as part of the "Expedition to the industrial Russia" declared the All-Russian video contest on modern domestic enterprises or factories of foreign companies operating in the territory of Russia. Competition decided to give a vivid and symbolic name.


 "Plant the new Russian industry"



Advanced factories! Tell us about yourself! We are interested to know more about you!


The main objective of the contest — promote the creation and distribution of a wide youth audience quality information materials about the modernized and innovative Russian industrial enterprises.

Competition theme


Are accepted videos, representing specific industries (No restrictions on industries and areas)in various aspects (Modernization, innovation, equipment, technologies, products, personnel, etc.)their activities (Main contest theme) 
Special category:

1. We did it! (Innovative products, solutions, technology, etc.)

2.  Our response to the personnel issue  (Training, incentives for innovation activities of young professionals, career, professional, social support, development, etc.)

3. Social capital (Social programs, comfortable and safe workplaces, recreation areas in the enterprise, charity, etc.)

4.Dwell among (Innovation, reducing / eliminating the harmful impact on the environment, incl. Energy-saving technologies, the use of waste for the production of goods, etc.)

Conditions of competition
Contest entries must be submitted April 10, 2012,.


Participate yourself and tell others about it!

About the enterprises participating the competition reach thousands of young people in different regions of Russia!


With the arrangements for the full position and contest rules can be found on the website of the "Expedition to the industrial Russia»


About the project:




National program "Expedition to the industrial Russia", concerned with the education of young people since 2011, introducing her to the best of innovative enterprises in the country. For today — a large-scale educational program that provides young people to visit the most modern industrial enterprises of Russia, to tell about almost working relationships education, science and industry, new management, work culture, personnel and social policy, that from what and how things are done that we use every day.

In 2011, the project was 25 expeditions in which 600 participants got acquainted with the activities of the project more than 180 modern enterprises of various industries in 19 regions of Russia.

In 2012, the planned seven expeditions to various regions of the Russian Federation. Part of the route is preparing to implement or have already implemented.


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