Another mystery DNA

In the DNA were discovered gigantic structure whose purpose is not clear. Detected structure composed of millions of nucleotides (DNA elementary components) and visibly distinguished from the genetic "background." The research results were published in the journal Physical Review.

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Various combinations of amino acid form of nucleotides forming proteins. Sites that encode individual proteins or RNA are called genes. Sami genes and intergenic regions are not yet fully understood.

Besides separation of genes and intergenic regions, the DNA is divided into sections with a particular interleaving bp. Isochor — a site that contains a certain percentage of CpG-pairs — a combination, following each other cytosine and guanine nucleotides. For Isochores characteristic length in the hundreds of thousands of nucleotides.

Researchers have discovered the structure of a length of a few tens of millions of nucleotides. The structures also contain a certain amount of CpG-pairs. And the total number of genes that make up this structure is nearing two hundred.

Preliminary studies have shown that a random sample of two genes belonging to the same gene, six categories are common, with a similar sample of isochors, coincidence is observed in 15 categories. Whereas a similar analysis of the open structure showed 18 common categories of genes. Category genes — a set of genes perform the same functions, such as encoding membrane proteins, metabolic control, etc. Each gene can simultaneously belong to different categories.

Importance of the discovery, and the function superstructure is difficult to assess. Perhaps further studies will clarify the biological sense of discovery. This is not the first detection of very long structures that make up DNA. There is a special section of genetics that studies like structures, called epigenetics.

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