APC has completed the establishment of branches

Completed the establishment of branches of subsidiaries "United Engine Corporation."

In particular, they set up branches "Ufa Engine Industrial Association", "Yakovlev Design Bureau. A. Cradles "and" Lytkarino machine works. "

The decision on withdrawal of the branches of subordination "NPO" Saturn "and the transfer of their" Ufa Engine Industrial Association "was adopted in March 2012, according to a press release UMPO.

Management has decided that it is necessary to build a system of smooth communication between developers and manufacturers in the field of design and engineering support for basic grocery products division programs. It is a promising engine for the PAK FA, the engine of the first stage for the PAK FA, as well as the product family of RD-33 and AL-31.  

As a result, consistent with the government decision in early 2013 to change the head developer development work for the T-50 and Su-35, UMPO could officially added to the list of the main activities of the development of turbojet aircraft engines.

Also, a translation of the employees of the branches of "NPO" Saturn "in UMPO. As a result, the number of employees of the Ufa businesses increased by nearly one and a half thousand people. According to the first half of 2013 to bring together works 19,041 worker. In addition, between UMPO and "Saturn" were entered into lease agreements for premises, agreed value of the property sold. Decided to transfer the exclusive rights UMPO "Saturn" of intellectual property OKB. A. Cradles (inventions, utility models, industrial designs, computer programs).

Currently decorated and are registered in Rospatent three of the disposition of exclusive rights to 217 patents for inventions relating to engines manufactured UMPO. "Ufa Engine Industrial Association" — the largest manufacturer of aircraft engines in Russia. Sales revenues in 2012 amounted to 25,425 million rubles. The main activities are the development, production, maintenance and repair of turbine aircraft engines and gas pumping units, production and repair of units helicopters.

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