As I was an alien

…In general, as was the case: coming June 13 Nikolay V. Bokov to work, and to his firm "Kuban-Agro" with a claim: "On what grounds without the consent of the land users in our fields is carried out survey work, land, drilled, and even ground from? '. Indeed, the natural rudeness … Sides just in case asks whisper at ecologist: "Your work is not there?" "No," — shakes his head ecologist. And geologists did not work. And archaeologists who excavated nearby Scythian burial mounds. And it's not road builders, not even with the oil gas companies (through the area immediately pulled two pipelines) — well, who then made all the arts?

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Tenants of the land — the director of "Kuban-Agro" Dmitry Zavedyagin and chief agronomist Igor Lanin sinned at the boys bullies. It was only later, when the helicopter flew Stavropol Security Council, has seen all of this geometry with a strange arrow pointing to the West, from the ground is bare patches looked a typical ease off. Well, at worst quirks elements, however, the boundary between nepoporchennoy wheat and weighed down was suspiciously smooth, as if these circles around the compass someone first, and then laid a hairdryer — to spike spikelet, hair to hair, as hairdressing — hair on the head women. Wind so, perhaps, does not know how. Plus dvadtsatipyatisantimetrovaya conical recess — Gorny, polished inside, as if someone dug up a handful of earth on memory, leaving at the same tithe or soil around the hole. In place immediately left the district commission. Checked radiation — is normal. We thought maybe the fireball? Or rather, four of them on the whole number of laps? But they, logically, would have to dry the wheat if you do not burn, but at least weld. Assuming that the processor will draw circles, how he got on the field without breaking any ear of corn? Agreed on the fact that the phenomenon of the ordinary, and reported on the safe side in the MOE, the Federal Security Service and the Security Council. If the evening said there may be more, and decided that all of military force management Novoaleksandrovsky District continues to celebrate the Day of Russian independence. But the management of call in the morning — that in itself has imposed a disturbing thought.

"As long as do not see — I doubt, but when looked really convinced that there is some kind of aliens" — embarrassed giggle now mustache all Novoaleksandrovskaya chiefs. And, hiding a smile dutifully take part in experiments, which I ordered to the publisher. At first I was astonished eyes of Nicholas Bokova fish dive into ripe wheat and sad photograph left a trail that does not look like a plate. And then with the representative of Ministry of Emergency Situations Alexander Keranovym and stockpiled them sturdy steel wire, we have fun nosimsya circles through a wheat field. About to appear on the fingers of corn, wheat and the damned is not something that is not intertwined helical bundles of smooth — not even lay down!

The first came on the field to the tax police

"What a holiday?" — Puzzled outlaws, meeting in the evening after work fun neighbors. "Yes, you sho do not know? — Cheered them from the yards. — There's a" dish "of the village! Wash this thing!"

And the people Rushed to the mysterious circles — all as fun! At first — secretly hoping to find something or someone to meet. So what if we are aliens. "Do not be afraid?" — I asked the mechanic Mishustina Nicholas, who raced there one of the first. He wondered, "What the aliens wolves, or what? Moonshine would entertained!" Then they all decided that the landing has a miraculous power, and the yellow bald spots started this pilgrimage. Women ran recharged the energy of the men — something else, when it was rumored that the "plate" to help some men's talents. Then the children have suffered and taken frail elderly and disabled … The collective farm caretaker Uncle Nick Averin in one day just before lunch counted 299 cars, but then I stopped.

And another uncle Nick, Gulyaev, so happy! "'44 Worked as a tractor driver, miracles were not. Okay, that even now seen as nothing in life and not seen, except for ground squirrels and hares."

Yes, but the suspected UFO landing took forty acres and trampled curious two acres! "What do I do? They trample our harvest!" — Kill agronomist Igor Lanin, watching on the paving fresh track cars and motorcycles. The director of "Kuban-Agro" Dmitry Zavedyagin with grim humor in the pictures gave autographs, "Acting alien …"

— In general, 8 tons of wheat out of our pocket and pulled out took. As it is written off? Well, we draw up the act, we find 100 witnesses, and what the cause crop losses pose? The Ministry of Agriculture will read about UFOs and say, well, everything, stavropoltsev "roof went."

— Why are you in this case the money is not it? Started to sell tickets on the field! — I got agitated.

— Ha ha ha — they uttered a sad bass. — The first to come to us tax inspector and asked about the cash register.

— And I was trying to hold their own experiment and especially fell in your wheat, to look at the effect! — I bragged, trying to lift their spirits.

— Well, still less one kilogram of grain — sadly they concluded. And impressively silent.

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