As Larissa Heniyush celebrated birthdays


Larissa Heniyush behind a desk. Zelva, 1980

Celebrate birthdays at the banquet table with friends Heniyush learned while living in Prague. In western Belarus no such tradition existed. Well, you never know what the Belarusians have adopted from zahodneevrapeytsav — in including usual.

The most memorable Larissa Heniyush birthdays, met in the gulag. One day, the guards forced imyaninnitsu climb into the cold water of the river and Inta raspihvae congestion of logs that were floated from concentration camp felling to the White Sea. After such a "bathing" poetess very sick that day and remembered with horror.

But even in the Gulag prisoners tried in a human to celebrate holidays, including birthdays. In the "Confessions" Larissa Heniyush touchingly recalls how once sulyagernitsy came to congratulate her and brought glued to the sweetened dried bread cake. And as she hid during Shmona one cake in a tub with a diluted for masonry with clay.

Another Gulag birthday fell on paslyastalinski time in the camps weakened the regime and even allowed one day off.

"It was a Sunday, it was warm and beautiful — even in the tundra. Flowering willow-herb. Suddenly our hut began to converge people. They walked together, were somehow nations, and did not have representatives from anyone! Our section of the barracks ( 50 -60 people) all forced Ivan tea. All the things I have written, panarysovvali. Lovely litovachki narysavali Niemen, and above it — my son, friend and boring … Who and what I could come up with, he wrote, drew and nes, and so on until the evening. "

It is significant here is that "walked nations." The event took on an international dimension. So oppressed by the Soviet Gulag freedom of the nation celebrated each other — through eminent sons and daughters. Greeting Cards poet lay up camp and free. And she Zelva house hung a scapular of Our Lady, embroidered bed sheet on the prison of fish bone, and the frame was made of bread crumb.

Upon his release, and arrived in Zelva, Larissa Heniyush used their birthdays to meet friends from all over Belarus. Had a lot of friends, and poet began to celebrate his birthday twice — 27 July and 9 August (the old and new styles). Sometimes in the house going up to forty people to all the tables rassadits, carried furniture. Who came to congratulate the famous poet? Let's at least look at the corner of his eye open window welcome home number 7 on Soviet Street.

Here Nina Matyas of Beloozersk imyaninnitsy sings for his touching "Kalyhanku mother."

Here's Alex Piatkevich of Grodno brings Larissa Antonovna inlaid strips chest in which all the books are autographed by writers Grodno. Footlocker bought Vasil Bykov, and he was taken graviravats already in Druskininkai.

Here Peter Reshetnik from Baranovichy well-modulated voice intones the song: "Under the cheerful voices, the ringing of a bowl full, the collection of all of us vow to give — not break us vortices in an unequal battle …" And all the former gulagavtsy stand as a hymn, shoulder to shoulder, with the instantly hushed table.

Here Danuta Bichel the applause of those present complete reading of his poem, "Larisa Antonovna, you — as the morning!"

Here congratulates grandmother grandson Michael, who came specially from Bialystok …

Birthdays Larissa Heniyush observed in Zelva today. The representatives of the democratic public in this day laying flowers at her grave in the cemetery of Holy Trinity Church, pilgrims go to her grave. August 9 — the only day of the Zelva waving white-red-white flags.

Larissa Heniyush. Roosters
The people in captivity unkind century.
The suffering of affairs does not hold memory.
Only roosters have "cuckoo-river"
screaming mindlessly, and the fate of his praise.
Eagles killed in the struggle for freedom,
(Shaken with the wind corpse Kastusiou)
stand up to the sun from the blood and pain,
protect the land, protect the language.
Stand up, stand up wherever possible,
are desperately in front of bullying
Cocks and villains of our country,
raised his head, tnuts "cuckoo-river."
He threw a handful of barley roosters,
Nael cocks volle-fed,
fulfilled their cocks dreaming —
roosters do not need more.
Years of their needy and klutz,
above the fence they fall off is not given,
so there Gorlan "cuckoo-river"
any villain alien master.
Captivity soul tricky resistant,
under the winter sky eagles beaten.
Eager to put the fight, from the conclusion:
sons of the fatherland will ask.
The people woke up. Pretty bullying!
Today, people want freedom.
Vaughn, roosters off the fence, out, "cuckoo-river"!
Eagles sing a song of freedom.
The purpose — freedom, burning hearts,
great-grandparents chase, with the holy,
native language, humanity, conscience,
the eternal truth of the call restless.
The will is the will, the truth is the truth,
Villains have villains — from the blood and bullying
Knights of servility with the stigma of treason —
for they are just that "cuckoo-river."
However, do not shout, courage and anger
in protecting the rights of the country.
No thoughts, no heart. Roosters have cocks —
brood only gray chicken.

Publication Valentina Trigubovich

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