Atlantic coast of the United States threatens new storm

U.S. national meteorological centers, watching the air masses of the Atlantic, found a new storm that could reach the coast of New England and the middle part of the east coast on the day of elections. This system will not have such a destructive force as Sandy, and she did not come from the tropics. But the coast should be wary of snow and blowing snow with strong winds of 50-60 km / h and beach erosion coast, already affected by previous supershtorma.
Direct threat does not exist yet, but the status has already been monitoring the storm, and forecasters are closely watching its development. As is the case with Sandy, this storm of obstacles encountered in the form of cold air over the Great Lakes, which will prevent its movement to the more northern regions. Therefore, most of the precipitation falls in the same place raged Sandy.
Since up-to-peak hours is still a lot of time, constantly checking surveillance will be time to react and prepare the population to the new nature of a surprise. But that, as always in the case of natural disasters, guarantees nothing. By Sandy is also responsible to prepare, but despite this, the number of victims of over a hundred people, and the damage from the storm was underestimated by almost half, mainly due to the massive power failure.

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