Authorities suspect wages in envelopes

In order to identify and stop payment of wages "in envelopes" order of the Chairman of the State Control Committee, a working group.

It is composed of representatives of the State Control Committee, the KGB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, General Prosecutor's Office, the Ministry of Taxation, Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, the National Statistics Committee, BelaPAN.

As the press service of the State Control Committee, the main task of the working group — to find out the reasons why some employers pay employees wages at a rate lower than the subsistence minimum, and below U.S. $ 200 equivalent.

According to official information, over to 30,000 small businesses without departmental affiliation average salary for 2009 was below U.S. $ 200 equivalent.

In the State Control Committee considered that in some cases there is a payment of wages "in envelopes", tax evasion and failure to comply with labor laws in hiring.



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