Autuhovich partner Mikhail Kozlov was released

Mikhail Kozlov was released ahead of schedule, taking advantage of the amnesty. Material "Freedom" has confirmed lawyer Boris Kozlov Lyaskovsky.

"Yes, he came out of prison. This was back on August 8, the day he told me advanivsya. Reduced him an amnesty period for a year, and just as it was a year of stay custody, he was released. Was pleased, but on further plans did not say anything, "- said the lawyer.

I recall a former employee of Hrodna police Mikhail Kozlov was tried with Autukhovich and Vladimir Osipenko who allegedly was plotting to kill former "governor" of the Grodno region, Vladimir Savchenko, and other officials. According to investigators, Kozlov reportedly learned of the criminal actions of his friends, but did not say "where necessary". Mikhail Kozlov pleaded not guilty, but in the end the court found him guilty of dereliction of duty and sentenced to 2 years imprisonment. He served the sentence Mikhail Kozlov to a dangerous point.


Avtukhovich, Kozlov

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