Baltische Rundschau about the scandal with Lahtejn: This is not a woman's revenge

Earlier this week, the Society Estonian media received anonymous e-mails from Belarus, in which an unknown person, who introduced 20-year-old resident of Minsk, claimed that the Estonian diplomat sexually harasses her.

As proof of his allegations she sent a series of photographs in which Lahtejn posing in a society of young girls who like the author of the letter, he thanks issued Schengen visa.

German-language edition of "Baltische Rundschau", which is issued in Vilnius and is designed for readers EU does not rule out involvement in the scandalous pictures of Belarusian special services.

As the newspaper writes, referring to the author of an anonymous message, photos were taken in the Minsk restaurant "guests." His mistress Love Sachivko Estonian journalists confirmed that Lahtejn repeatedly was the guest of her institution. Last week, he had something to celebrate in the company of four young women. Who were the house, the owner does not know. According to her, the meeting lasted several hours, customers served mainly snacks and wine. Then Lahtejn, who, according Valtische Rundschau, long before this became a father, paid the waiter and left. The girls were in the restaurant.

Cam diplomat, does not dispute the authenticity of the photos, but it says that they are made not only in the restaurant "guests", but also in other places, and, over a long period.

Meanwhile, for Estonia itself is odd, the speed with which the Foreign Ministry accepted the resignation of a diplomat as well as a lack of any formal study on this subject, says Valtische Rundschau.

The publication puts in his article a few questions to try to answer including the well-known politicians in Estonia.

Can a diplomat vigilant?

"The diplomats — the same people as the others, and therefore they are characterized by human weakness," wrote Valtische Rundschau and continues: "But diplomats represent their country. They receive an appropriate fee for that regardless of all their weaknesses and tendency to keep yourself under control and understand the possible consequences of their relationships. " This is especially true Lahtejn, who has experience in counterintelligence. Someone like him nor to foresee the development of the situation in terms of pro-Russian Lukashenko's dictatorship. How easily a professional hit on some fishing rods, gives an indication of his innocence, as well as the extraordinary human weaknesses. The latter could not be known to his colleagues. Another thing is why the diplomat with such human weakness was precisely intended to Belarus? "He writes Valtische-Rundschau.

It's not about women's revenge

That is how we got into print naughty pictures suggests: it is not a revenge disappointed and betrayed woman. Sam diplomat says provocations against Estonia. It is not ruled intentional actions of the Belarusian special services.

Some media reports indicate a possible conspiracy, as Harry Lahtejn previously only worked in the Office for the Protection of the Constitution of Estonia and the Estonian was chargé d'affaires in Georgia.

Official Tallinn supports not only Georgia, but also other post-Soviet countries that are striving for independence from Russia.

European Parliament member and former Secretary of State Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, Indrek Tarand too exciting a number of points related to the publication of scandalous pictures in the media. For example, who directed them to the media, why the story from the beginning was made public, although it could solve and administratively, behind closed doors, as is usually the case.

According Tarand like naughty stories, by the way, not uncommon among diplomats.

For example, a sex scandal in 2002, which occurred with the Swiss ambassador in Berlin, Thomas Borer-Fildyngam. The scandal was based on dubious testimony published in a Swiss tabloid Blick.

The publication does not dream about sexual aferu Borer with a famous model. As a result, the diplomat was recalled to Bern. However, in the same 2002 tabloid publisher was forced to ask for a public apology to the diplomat and his wife.

With the post was made chief-editor of the newspaper. In addition, the editors paid diplomat million Swiss francs in compensation. Borer himself never returned to the diplomatic activity.

Indrek Tarand notes that there are no rules in such situations do not exist. However, any person on the spot Lahtejn should know that behind him and watch him work. Estonian diplomats in Eastern Europe are in a more difficult environment than their counterparts in Rome, Paris and Athens.

Meanwhile Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs of Estonia Sven Mikser in an interview with Estonian other publications, said that at the moment it is unknown how exposed diplomat accusations are real.

None of the Estonian media does not report any details about the Belarusian "friends" Harry Lahtejn.

As for the restaurant-cafe "Guests", which allegedly were made picture, it is in the center of the Belarusian capital and, as a consequence of the publication on the website of the Belarusian TV channel 1, claims to be the leader of the Belarusian cuisine.

A year ago, the director of this institution Love Sachivko in an interview with BT welcomed the government action to simplify the business environment in Belarus, in person, thanks for that the Belarusian president.

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