Bangkok flooded by sewage

Water started flooding the streets in Bangkok, on which the house of Prime Minister of Thailand. Lamchiek channel, situated 300 meters from the house in which he lives Yingluck Shinawatra, began on Sunday afternoon out of the banks. At the same time the water from flooding the manhole started out Yothin Pattana, where the house of the head of government.
Water flows moving from the flooded city in the northern part of the city center. Water bypasses barriers and gates, flooding the city through the sewers. As a result, the streets are flooded with brown-black stinking muck. Two weeks ago, when the flood is just the beginning to come out to the north of Bangkok, the provinces, the water was clear and visible through her signs on roads, pavements, the thresholds of houses. Now, through the flooded areas of the capital of Thailand is distributed dense dark mass of water.
Bangkok Governor Suhumband Paribat announced today the mandatory evacuation of the residents in four districts. In areas Nonhaem Pazicharoni and the situation is critical, the head of administration of the capital. Both areas should be evacuated completely. At the moment the water is about a quarter of the territory of Bangkok. Flooded the west, east and north of the city.
The capital of Thailand is not critical enough drinking water. The quality of tap water varies from place to place, but even in affluent central areas of the taps flowing yellow liquid with a smell of slime, rot, chemicals and motor oil.
Death toll from the catastrophic floods in Thailand exceeded 500. It was reported on Sunday, the ITAR-TASS news agency in the Department for the Prevention of natural disasters of the kingdom. Officially registered 506 deaths of people. Two others are reported missing. Floods continue to present in 25 of 76 provinces, including Bangkok. The disaster directly affected currently 1.15 million households, or more than 3 million people.

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