BCD is launching a campaign in defense of the Church of St. Joseph

The organizing committee of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" is launching a campaign in defense of the Church of St. Joseph and the Bernardine monastery complex in Minsk and the return of buildings believers.

As the co-chair of the organizing committee of the BCD Paul Seviarynets, the decision was made on August 18 at a meeting of a group set up to protect the BCD campus. In the first phase, within the next two weeks, the BCD activists plan to gather in 14 cities in Belarus, "the maximum number of signatures to set the believers." This weekend, August 21-22 and August 28-29, will be collecting signatures in Minsk churches.

The collected signatures will be handed over to the Administration of the President, Unitary Enterprise "Minsk Spadchina," which deals with the reconstruction of the complex, specialized state institutions, as well as to the Vatican and foreign embassies, the politician said.

"If the response to the appeal will not, BCD plans to begin daily picketing of the church and convent buildings, as well as to launch a broad campaign of solidarity. We hope that this campaign will be an interfaith and join us, not only Catholics, but Orthodox, Protestants, believers of other confessions "- said Seviarynets.

Aug. 4 at a press conference in Minsk chief engineer of the company "Minsk heritage" Michael Zhih said that in the former Bernardine monastery plans to create a hotel.

In 2007, President Lukashenko had been approached with over 30 thousand signatures to the faithful of the monastery, but in early this year work began on the reconstruction of the monastery.

June 24 this year, the Commissioner for Religious and Ethnic Affairs of Belarus Leonid Gulyako at a press conference in Minsk did not rule out the possibility of returning the believers of a former monastery and church.

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