Beijing Weather Service is not ready to notify about weather disasters through SMS

Beijing Weather Service does not have the technical capabilities to emergency alert the population of the Chinese capital of impending natural disasters through SMS-messages broadcast on Monday the Chinese media quoted the deputy head of the Beijing weather bureau Qu Xiaobo.

As a result of heavy rains, which continued in the Chinese capital from Saturday until Sunday morning in Beijing died, according to the latest data, 37 people. After the disaster in the Chinese blogosphere published opinions of some Beijing residents who believe that the victims would be less, if 20 million people of the city would be promptly notified of the danger, including through mobile phones.

"Previously, with the assistance of" China Unicom "weather service for the testing of sending SMS-messages. Maximum you can send 400 messages per second. At such a speed alert the population of the city would take too long. If at the time of receipt of SMS-messages bad weather has stopped , then this warning does not make sense "- quoted Qu Xiaobo Beijing newspaper" Beijing chenbao. "

Warning about the dangers of the Beijing Meteorological rain Saturday, according to Qu Xiaobo, published as early as 9:30 am on Saturday, and then in accordance with the specific situation, it clarifies the degree of hazard. Warnings were sent to the city authorities, and were brought to the public via the Internet, mobile phones, television, radio and outdoor displays.

According to Qu Xiaobo in the next two to three years in Beijing, completed the establishment of early warning system for weather disasters, including the use of SMS, television, internet, outdoor displays and other technologies, combined into a single channel, which will increase the speed of propagation warnings and coverage.

"However, the warning messages about the dangers can not be adapted to each person, this can never be done. Can only cover a certain area," — said the deputy head of the Beijing meteorological service.

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