Belarus is ready to run Venezuelan oil for friendship

Belarus has all the technical possibilities for the transportation of Venezuelan oil from the Baltic to the company "Naftan" through the pipeline "Druzhba".

This is with reference to a source in the profile state organization informs "Interfax".

"Technically, the Belarusian part of the tube — is the northern branch of the pipeline" Druzhba "- ready to start transporting oil from the Baltic States to Belarus at any time. Pimp can start as soon as such an agreement will be reached at the international level," — said the source.

The northern branch of "Friendship" has two "Threads", one of which is focused on Lithuania, the second — to Latvia.

"It is difficult to judge the technical readiness prior to pumping the portion of the pipeline, which is located in Latvia and Lithuania, but I do not think that even in the event that repairs will be required, it will be extensive and costly — the spokesman said. — It depends what port will be able to receive tankers from Venezuela. "

In this connection, the port of Ventspils is best suited for the handling of Venezuelan oil for the needs of oil refineries. This question studied the official Minsk in including and specialists of concern "Belneftekhim". In Latvia, for the sake of negotiations was checking out the Belarusian delegation. "But there is something did not happen," — said the source.

Earlier, Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Sidorsky instructed the government to explore the possibility of transporting oil from Venezuela to Belarus via Baltic ports in including using pipelines.

In July Belarusian side passed the first batch of oil through the Estonian port of Muuga and put it on the "Naftan". Such a route already taken two tankers. In August, the Lithuanian company "Transchema" created with the participation of relevant Belarusian oil industry, has signed a contract with the company "Klaipedos Nafta" (oil port operator Klaipeda) for handling 80,000 tonnes of Venezuelan oil to Belarus and its subsequent delivery to the "Naftan".



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