Beyond the power of each

To which the boy as a child did not want to have super powers? I think everyone. Movies, cartoons, games about super heroes — one of the most fertile in order for producers. And now, the day when the dream can become a reality is at hand. Australian scientists have identified a specific protein the human body, which is responsible for muscle size. Now the muscle can be build without any problems to any size each.

This mysterious protein that already has a name «Gbr10», was discovered during experiments on mice. Courageous animals were divided into two groups. One group of mice, even in utero, it was possible to block protein «Gbr10» at the gene level.

The second group of mice developed normally. After the birth, after some time it became clear that in animals with blocked protein muscle mass significantly exceeds that of the mice that developed naturally.

The experimental results showed that when the function of the protein Gbr10 void, that is completely eliminated its effect on muscle growth while growth in the womb, the developing muscles of the body start to grow significantly increased. As one of the scientists, the reason this complicated experience, Dr. Loven Holt, this discovery was unexpected.

Prospects for the practical use of the research, according to biologists, are enormous. This is the recovery of lost or atrophied muscles, and wound healing. Protein Gbr10, unscientific already received the nickname of "The Hulk", will also help in the fight against diabetes and the many diseases associated with the need to control the volume of muscle tissue.

Meanwhile, along with optimistic forecasts, there is a lot of fear to use this discovery to practice. For example, MSU professor Vyacheslav Dubinin said that blocking the natural function of the protein Gbr10, may pose a problem in the development of other organs and tissues of the body, so before you apply this gene technology in practice, it should be a very responsible approach to the study of the side effects that may occur in gene manipulation.

He believes that humanity is not yet ready to fully responsible approach to the use of genetic engineering, due to the lack of necessary knowledge and experience, which humanity simply unavailable.



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