Boeing will deliver MH-47G «Chinook» for U.S. Special Forces

Boeing will deliver MH-47G «Chinook

The American company Boeing has received a contract price of approximately $ 34 million for the supply of languid military transport helicopter MH-47G, created for the Special Operations Forces of the U.S. Army (ARSOC). The car will be handed over to the South American military October 31, 2015 through the arsenal of the «Redstone» (Alabama, USA).

According to experts, MH-47G will be made available the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, which included already has 24 such helicopters. Model created on the basis of MH-47E.

Danae modification «Chinook» received more massive engines T55-GA-714A with FADEC, allowing to use a helicopter with greater efficiency in the mountainous regions. Most flight speed is 259 km / h and range — 1382 km. Armed with machine upgraded avionics and secure communications systems, including satellite, upgraded navigation systems and electronic countermeasures. The helicopter is capable of in-flight refueling.

The equipment MH-47G comes infrared camera frontal angle FLIR Hughes AN/AAQ-16, functional radar targeting system and Rockwell Collins CP1516-ASQ. The kit includes an IR protection traps and chaff. Structural elements of the helicopter strengthened reduced vibration and increased transport capacity, also combat survivability. MH-47G, used for the delivery of special forces, armed with 2 7.62mm machine guns, M-134 and one M-240D.

Currently, the Boeing Company has contracts to supply more than 37 «Chinook», and the U.S. Army plans to refit models E and D Special Operations forces in version will be upgraded G. Total 61 helicopter.

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