Bottomless Lake. Continued Part 2

The secret Sobolho

Vyacheslav Khakhinov chemist analyzes of samples taken

"Your opinion, Professor," — we asked the Bair Baysaraeva after he tried to go into the water in wading boots, tie the belay rope and barely moving the legs on viscous muddy bottom. "Lake of fun — is responsible researcher. — On the north side it runs fast stream, pouring a second about 220 liters of water. At the bottom of the lake on the east side and in the middle — silt, so much so viscous that zavyaznuv, to shore without any help is very problematic. A south-facing sandy bottom. likely under the mud in the middle of the lake is at once the ice and permafrost lenses. "
Perhaps in his next expedition to Lake Sobolho scientists armed with sonar. Honestly, picking up gear for the first trip, they found that the twenty-meter cable will suffice them in excess, because of their experience told: in these latitudes, the depth of water — 5 meters high. For example, a lake in Karelia, the Urals, Kamchatka in similar sizes almost never exceed the 10-meter mark. The exception is perhaps that one of the deepest glacial lakes Amur Karbohon — up to 14 meters of depth, but it is not comparable in size with Sobolho.
In these places, considered the edge of extinct volcanoes, a characteristic feature of the relief are considered faults. And usually associated with the faults location on the terrain of geopathic zones. The fact that it is in these areas can be difficult to explain things, it is no secret. Because scientists do not rush to conclusions about the phenomenon Sobolho. Apparently, the bottom of the lake by area much larger than the surface. It may be a giant network of limestone caves and tunnels, possibly connecting to other water bodies. Only this can explain traceless disappearance Sobolho in the depths of people and animals, and the appearance of drowned in very different aquatic systems. Another version — presence at around 15 meters below the earth's crust breaking into a funnel shape, extending deep into a few kilometers. In 1995 a group of amateur divers from Irkutsk tried to inspect the bottom of Sobolho. One of the enthusiasts allegedly failed to pass the long underwater channel to a nearby lake. However, it is said, he almost got lost in the maze of underwater and came to the surface when the oxygen in cylinders was already at zero.
As for the frequent loss of life on the lake, the scientists explain it simply: Sobolho water is too cold (even in summer is about 12-14 degrees), and the human body just does not always withstand such termostress.
Another one of the mysteries of the lake is a strange glow pink in color, which from time to time in the moonlit clear night you can see above the water's surface. We were not lucky — in the rain, as the old timers say, do not see the glow. It was conjectured that the reason for this phenomenon may be the output of thermal water — carbon dioxide and radon. Taken in our sample bottom and the coastal waters showed that in the middle of the lake in the silt sulfide is present, but in small quantities. Of course, a much more beautiful version seems the locals, who believe that the glow — it utopshih souls of people and animals who are asked to find their bodies, their souls have found peace at last.

Country Lakes

In Buryatia, it is considered that the post-amulets protect people from evil.
These poles are usually placed either in sacred places, or where a person is faced with unexplained phenomena of nature


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