Bottomless Lake. Continued part 4

A possible clue

Oleg told us that in order to solve the mystery of the lake Sobolho in 1995, here come the whole expedition diving enthusiasts from Irkutsk. They repeatedly submerged under the water trying to find a bottom. The efforts were in vain. Many of them almost died. One brave soul plunged so deep that it sucked underwater crater. They washed up on the shore of the river Vitim that is a few hundred meters from the "pass-through" of the lake. That is evidence of an underground channel connecting the lake and Vitim been proven. It was a miracle diver alive. However, this is only the fact of the safe return of fallen into a bottomless hopper monster.
Our correspondence group had no special equipment to examine in any detail the pond. We still had a completely different task — to collect information. The correspondent of "number one" only swim a short distance from the shore, not daring to swim further.
Over the past ten years Sobolho drowned in the lake more than 300 horses and 500 cows. There are casualties — 25 people buried water lake of Fear in the last two years. How long will the lake will collect a terrible harvest, why it happens and how much truly incredible statement that Sobolho has no bottom — we thought about it, going back home. All these questions and mysteries yet to be explored. We will definitely be back here.

This is a phenomenon that should be studied

To him clues to the lake of Fear will be directed expedition of scientists

Comment chief of the Russian Federal State of Water Resources in the East Siberian region Swamp Shaybogonova:
Corr.: Tell me whether such a thing as a bottomless lake?
— I'm not the first time I've heard about this phenomenon. If you still have a similar lake, which has no bottom, then maybe it is on the rocks of karst (limestone)
Corr.: And how do you explain the strange pink glow over the lake?
— This is a difficult question, most likely, it depends on the atmospheric conditions. Perhaps there are outputs of thermal waters, ie a crack in the earth's crust. Under certain circumstances magnesium can give a pink glow.
We asked for a comment as a phenomenon of the BSC.
Namsaraev Bair, head of the Laboratory of Microbiology:
— This lake is really a phenomenon of nature, and we certainly will be studying. Only after the study can say something concrete and solve the mystery Sobolho.
In August this year, the Buryat scientists are going to thoroughly explore the lake Sobolho. So stay tuned for information, we will inform you about the results of the expedition.

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