Brazil attacked thousands of piranhas

Thousands of hungry piranhas in the past two weeks, attacked tourists on a river beach in Brazil. In Cougar attacks suffered at least 15 people.

Deaths were reported, but many of the wounded had lost his toes, and suffered serious lacerations on his legs. Attacks occur at the beach, located on the river Daveron, RIA Novosti reported.

In addition, the predator attacked the tourists and locals trying to cool off in the heat in the waters of the River Paraguay. All of them were diagnosed with "bite wounds of the lower extremities."

At the beach Kaserisa in Mato Grosso put the sign "Beware of this area of the river you are at risk of piranha attack!" It is noteworthy that before like this on the banks of the Paraguay did not happen, although the piranha is found here in abundance and is considered normal in fish catches by local fishermen.
Specialists note that the piranhas that live in rivers and other freshwater bodies of South America, have never swam in the city. According to biologist Leandro Pinheiro, aggressive fish behavior may be due to very low water levels in the rivers in the dry season ends this year. Scientists are hoping that with the start of heavy rains in January, the problem solve itself, according to ITAR-TASS.

Meanwhile, it is known that piranhas are not only very voracious and dangerous, but also hardy and adapt quickly to new places. Piranhas have very strong jaws with small teeth sharp wedge, which are located on the jaws so that when they are victims of the closing of the meat is cut like a razor. There are more than 50 of their species, which are found mainly in the rivers of South America. Predators move in flocks, very aggressive, eat small fish, but can attack and per person.

Adult piranha can reach a weight of one kilogram and can easily bite a human finger. Therefore remove the hook caught fish with greater care. Do piranhas quite tasty meat — though bony. They say that this deficiency can be reduced to nothing, zavyaliv piranha.

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