Brest: Vandals in cemeteries

Society of Architects Nicholas Vlasyuk said that the police would show greater vigilance that the cemetery. For ordinary people, the native monuments are far more important than a monument to the party leader. But vandalism — is the result not only bad police work, but bezduhovnastsi society. The cause vandalism, says architect — the desire of young people to linger. There is not some kind of social order, just — sense of impunity;

Nicholas Vlasyuk

"I think it's time bomb explosions. They were laid during the development of socialism in our society, when destroyed faith and spirituality. 20-30 years the mine exploded. This — terrible stain of communism."

After reports of vandalism first Catholic cemetery was visited by representatives of the Polish consulate. Consul General Anne Novakovskaya took photos and sent a statement to the police. Says vice-chairman Union of Poles in Belarus Anna Panishava:

Anna Panishava

"One of the many statements to the police were sent to the Polish Consul General Consulate Anna Nowakowski. She is one of the first to visit the cemetery and attach to the application 74 photos of broken tombstones."

Activist groups say the cemetery vandalism occurred for the first time. Cemetery have been done up to 2001. Before that, almost in the center of the city, all overgrown with weeds. Anna Panishava says Now that activists who believe churches will result in a cemetery in the order:

"We hope to help the authorities. To the aid of the structure that protects these cemeteries. Hopefully before November 2 will have time to clean up. Reconstruct destroyed."

Cemetery in the city center are historical and cultural value. The oldest tombstones are from the first half of the 19th century. Says Nicholas Vlasyuk, Brest architect, researcher of the cemetery:

"The exact date of origin of the cemetery is not yet clear. Oldest gravestone dates from 1836. Buried here as the local elite and ordinary citizens, Catholics. Many of the monuments are of historical and cultural value. Some are truly masterpieces."

Not far from the Catholic cemetery in Brest its time existed a Jewish cemetery. They were destroyed by the authorities. Now is there a way.

The broken cross in a cemetery

The broken cross in a cemetery

The broken tombstone in a cemetery cross

Battered granite gravestone

Destroyed headstone

Destroyed and metal tombstone

The broken tombstone in a cemetery cross



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