Bride kidnapping

Weekends were held in the Company's sobs on the article of the journalist "Stars" Evgeny Voloshin "For the woman in the second Belarus.Chastka In foreign marriage Belarusians lost children and become a cook." The idea of the text and the author's spiritual perspective is completely exhausted by name, but the mere appearance of such text is the sign of a very disturbing trend.

At this point, a launching pad to open space for me to remain the same essay zvyazdovskay star Valentina Dovnar called "I do not want to milk a husband," lovingly reprinted "Our Niva" in the summer of 2007. Somehow, it seemed that such ideas embedded in the worldview of the people for whom the Iron Curtain is not a physical but a purely physiological expression. However, there is — growing young change, ready to repeat as the multiplication table, publicize and implement the Code of patriotic loyalty to women.

Actual sutnasts Ya.Valoshyna article is that over the past year in the Belarus was registered in 5181 an international marriage. If we consider that only a year wasabout 78,000 marriages were concluded, the figure is not that big. However, the pain as a journalist in the fact that "the number of outflow from the country's finest brides least significant."

You can apply these data to other statistics: Every fifth Belarusian wants to leave the country (in this indicator Belarus ranked third among the CIS countries) and one in six of those interested — it makes for material reasons. In the imagination of the Belarusian official marriage with a foreigner resolves all existing problems — it usually has the illusion that in addition to material well-being, it immediately gets all the rights (and responsibilities!) By a different country. In addition to marry — it is still necessary, so it is absolutely logical to focus their life's aspirations to search for a good party.

However, the birthplace categorically against the export of brides. Before her eyes, all other figures: over the this year number of Belarusians fell by 11 000 people, and for the last 15 years — 850,000. In the struggle for the future of the people and the nation used a variety of means, most of which is aimed, of course, for the maintenance of the gold reserves — Women fertylnaga age and children. Sunimayuchy hunting population to relocate, the greatest efforts of lawyers and advocates are thrown just the fact to tell how terrible it may be for Belarusians foreign marriage, and for Belarusian children — improvement in foreign family. Having set the foreign guests maximum of obstacles in the form of the most expensive visas, idiotic registration and not letting children see the sea, the officials did as it should — with his hand cupped the woman "chastity belt".

But nothing compared to the mind games employed, or, even worse, volunteer guards patriotic tsnatlivastsi that simple terms explain to the people that in our village, "is also one girl married a Dutchman," and even wrote about it in the newspapers.

And Belarusian girl — clean and bright, dressed in a white shirt Orsha Flax, (personally embroidered with red thread) or samapashytym Litvinsky suit, with oblique to the waist, hair fall freely in accordance with the customs of the heathen, and her armpits, crotch and calf covered one hundred percent natural raslinnastsyu, her lips do not know the makeup as well as any foreign words out of the school curriculum — by racists morning she hurries to the field Dozhinki or at an extraordinary congress of the BPF Youth. And then from behind a bush to her pulls his hairy hands grasping the Iranian, Lebanese, German — in short, the Jew! — He wants to take her to his corrupt edge McDonald's and Coca-Cola, where he would force her to wash the dishes and the floor, to give birth to his children and watching his parents, who then will all do it here?

In a society where sexual exploitation of women actually have a social norm, every day we are witnessing and participating wild ancient ceremony — bride kidnapping.

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