Britain intends to withdraw from the EU

David Cameron, the British prime minister, told the press about the intention to bring the issue of membership in the EU to a referendum in conjunction with the parliamentary elections in the autumn of 2017. On his side is an open challenge to Brussels. Minister insists on reviewing a number of conditions, otherwise the UK membership of the EU will be discontinued permanently.

In a statement, David Cameron highlighted the fact that London is interested in getting back some of the powers and greater autonomy within the EU and thus opposed himself to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Francois Oladnu, the French president, who has repeatedly stated the need to deepen relations between the EU and stressed the importance and urgency of monetary cooperation and integration in the difficult conditions of the current period due to the global economic crisis.

The Prime Minister is resolute, and to change its position is not going, he is confident in the support of the population and is set to win. However, even his own party is not unanimous in considering this issue and is not interested in the related risks.

While Brussels seeking possible solutions to the problem, their attitude to the issue told Deputy Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Philip Gordon. He is somewhat concerned about the prospect of the UK "inward" after leaving the EU and would prefer a civilized settlement issues. U.S. does not want to lose such a strong ally in Europe, which is the United Kingdom.

EU officials commented on Cameron's statement in a negative way, accusing him of causing the collapse of the European Union.

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