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Today in the "agribusiness", "All innovations — in one park: in the Stavropol region launched a large-scale project." "As long as no competitors: Why develop dairy breeding of horses?" "Test of patience, how many years have to run a fish business?"

The national project. All innovations in one park.

On Stavropol started the construction of agro-industrial cluster. While Agropark embodied in the volume layout. In the first phase is planned to build shopping center, dry-storage, vegetable storage, cold storage.

Dmitry Patrushev, Chairman of the Board of JSC "Agricultural Bank""We are pioneers, and I very much hope, together with the administration of all the tasks that stand before us, we will meet. Let cool warehouse, which will take about 90,000 tons of agricultural products. It will be built on 87.5 thousand meters. It will also be built dry storage, will also be built vegetable store. 140,000 tons. It will be one of the largest vegetable stores in general and in Russia, and the Stavropol region it would be, in principle, a unique, perhaps, object. "

Today Stavropol processes at only 5% of the cultivated agricultural products, the creation of modern storage facilities will enable the region to increase their own processing at least 10 times. On the territory of Agropark plan to deploy a range of industries: meat, vegetables, canned goods, margarine, plant feed and fertilizer, as well as run the plant for processing of rapeseed. In the Stavropol region collected a quarter (or even third) Of the crop in Russia. In this case, the processing capacity available …

Andrei Sizov, Director General of the analytical center "Sovekon""If we talk about something called agrarian clusters, as far as I understand, this concentration on a relatively limited area of several vertically integrated companies. AND is assumed that there are many stages of processing … processing of products."

The main investor of the project is the Agricultural Bank. The total investment in the construction of agroklastera, including money co-investors, will be about 40 billion rubles.

Elena Turina, director Institute of Agricultural Marketing"The construction of modern enterprises using new technologies, but, in principle, quite a costly affair at all. But without it today can not escape it, because after all, we already all know that when joining the WTO, the modernization of our agricultural production simply a necessary condition for competition, future competition with imported products, which will be placed on the market. "

According to the initiators of the project, the construction of agroklastera will solve the region's two key problems commonly encountered agricultural producers: the lack of refining capacity and the lack of an established marketing system from field to fork. According to preliminary calculations Agropark can give work to more than 2.5 thousand people in the South of Russia.


"The situation with African swine fever in Russia remains extremely dangerous, "- said Friday the first vice-premier Viktor Zubkov. One reason for this — a gross violation of the recommendations in some regions by the rules of detention and transport of pigs, the delay Ministry of Agriculture introduction E-issuance of veterinary documents and procrastination with the preparation of a new law on veterinary. Also need a new system of penalties for negligent owners of pigs.

Viktor Zubkov, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation: "We will increase the fines for citizens and officials there to 50,000 rubles. Those who are engaged in entrepreneurial activities without forming a legal entity, is also up to 50 thousand rubles. Means that we will suspend for three months. Legal persons up to a million 'll do fine. "

In addition, Viktor Zubkov demanded to issue government subsidies only to those households that have a high level of veterinary protection of ASF and there insurance policy for livestock (Plus Information on agricultural insurance).

Ministry of Agriculture of Russia suspended the purchase interventions in the grain market. The reason — the low volume of supply from farmers. As the representative of the Ministry of Agriculture, interventions carried out their task and have led to the stabilization of prices in the regions of Siberia and the Urals. Total for Fall 2011, Winter 2012, the government purchased the intervention fund 419,310 tons of grain. 1.9 billion rubles.

Details. Why develop dairy horse breeding.

On Mari pedigree farm "Semyonov" the process of milking mares simple in its genius and natural in nature. At first mare to foal puts, and only when she relaxed and started to give milk, milking machine is connected.

Shchelkova Faina, a milkmaid"Everything, everything.'s Enough. Podsosut first. Milk later, picks up and milking. Without it, they are not milked, without the choke."

And as 8 times a day. Milking takes place once in two workshops. In this workshop milkmaid Faina Shchelkova both milks 2 mares. For each batch of horses their foals. They are waiting for their turn here in the shop. It is necessary for this milking jar. It says a milkmaid, a little. The horses were frightened of strangers. Generally, there is obtained an average of 11 liters per horse per day. Mari give 160 horses golden milk in the literal sense. And the milk, and the mare has received awards of the highest standard at an exhibition in Moscow. On pedigree farm out significant volumes — 115 tons in kumys god.Seychas drink — the brand and the pride of the region. Here, shows the enterprise technologist, it is cooked. In a special vat temperature of 28 degrees.

Olga Samartseva, engineer kumysnyh shop"Kumiss natural made from unpasteurized mare's milk plus starter. Sourdough contains Bulgarian Lactobacillus acidophilus and yeast. In this fermentation occurs. "

Fermented, kneaded. After maturing it for half an hour again kneaded, then cooled and poured. Only after this important process begins kumys — carbonation. "We love mare poyadreney, ripe" — Mari drink treats and praises the farm manager Eugene Burtov. Fat from a small koumiss from 1 to 1 5%. White, translucent, sour, and most importantly, Mari mare has creamy aftertaste.

Eugene Purtova running kumysnyh farm"We have a year-round milk production. So we have a year-round vyzherebka. And in order to get a good mare, it is necessary to rejuvenate the leaven of fresh milk every day. If mares are milked does not, then there is nothing to rejuvenate. Here are some households rejuvenate ferment mare's milk and mare itself is made from milk powder, from the one that produced the summer. "

Now nestepnaya Republic of Mari El year round provides a valuable drink its people, neighboring regions, even famous for his own mare's milk — Tatarstan and Moscow. Breed, chief fad, but rather a golden horse — on the most productive farm kumysnyh Povoloz
hya — a few years ago made a bet on the Russian and Lithuanian tjazhelovoznoj breed. And it has paid off. In Russian Lithuanian Heavy almost gone, as well as in Lithuania itself. Bred only Maris, or those who have purchased them, although these two species are adapted to central Russia and kumysodeliyu. On pedigree farm implemented intensive rearing, foals to give half the average daily weight gain of up to 1700 grams. Usually the case of young mares aged 3 years, but here, thanks to breeding, horses reach maturity in 2 years.

Iraida Dolgusheva, deputy minister Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Mari El"They are included in the program of development of dairy horse breeding since 2012. This republican target program. And they will receive a subsidy for commodity mare's milk from the regional budget."

In Russia a year receive no more than 3 tons kumys. Although only for the needs of TB facilities need about 20,000 tons. Experts believe that the mare's milk and its products, supplying about 10% of the minimum capacity of the market. For a start, offering to organize in Kaluga and Ryazan regions, the republics of Bashkortostan and the Mari-El reference dairy farms for the production of fermented mare's milk for infant nutrition. Besides dairy horse breeding in contrast to a number of other sub-sectors of dairy agribusiness has a significant export potential.


1) From 2005 to 2011, the consumption of bread and bakery products in Russia decreased by 12% from 8 to 7 million tonnes per year. At the same time, demand for confectionery reports up 22% from 2400 to 2950 tons. Analysts attribute this trend of rising living standards of Russians.

2) Belarus since the beginning of the second quarter of 2012 suspend shipments of milk powder in Russia, and undertakes not to reduce the base prices for dairy products for the Russian market. This decision was made after the protests of the Russian National Union of Milk Producers, which unveiled the facts of dumping by the Belarusian suppliers of dairy products.

The trick. Rainbow trout from Bashkir Reserve.

Ivan Lavrentyev long looked after the place for his future trout farm. To help him come by nature. Translated from the Bashkir Nugush — Clean river. The water here and really clean and clear. Nugush Yurmatau born in the mountains and wading through South Ural mountains, down into the valley where flows into the reservoir Nugush.

Ivan Lavrentiev, director rybhozyaystva"I spent a lot of time.'s Analysis, the sample of water, that's all there watching for 6-7 years."

Thus was born the idea of cascading water system. In the dug artificial drainage water flows through the pressure difference, and then in the lake under severe cold called. The first trout Lavrentyev launched here in 2004. Then Bashkir water, it was considered almost exotic. Registration of all papers and permits involved in more than 10 years.

Ivan Lavrentiev, director rybhozyaystva"7 years spent on it to make here is the lake that was allowed to operate. Imagine what a person can endure, if he had a family and children?"

Says suffered because insolent. Lavrentiev and was once a government official. He worked and vice. Director Nat. Park Bashkiria and the chief of Game Republic.

Ivan Lavrentiev, director rybhozyaystva"Here we have, for example, to make this economy, for example, 5 million rubles. Well, the money is small. 5,000,000 rubles — it's got even 10 tons, how would let 15 tons all together, if then eggs, then there , se. But this is the first year, roughly speaking, the second will pay off. "

In an incubator and cultivation, digging elbows invested about 22 million rubles. Feed and seedlings took the credit. A kilogram of trout out of 300-400 rubles. The demand is there, especially in the restaurant business. Now Lavrentyev Fish-holding company engaged in the creation of up to a thousand tons of trout. Its advantages he sees in product stewardship. People are beginning to understand what they are eating.

Armin Bagdasarian, Special Correspondent"And this is a special apron of his own invention, this pocket, here we put his head fish. Rough Put on rubber gloves. Now you can start milking trout."

However, no hurry. Fish does not want to be milked. Hold together, so not ready yet. But at the end of March, beginning of April, are planning to milk tons 12.

Ivan Lavrentiev, director rybhozyaystva"We have implemented spawn last year by 2,000 rubles per kilogram. Salted themselves."

By the way, trout now lives not only in cages, but is found throughout the waters of Cold Lake and even fall for the locals. Therefore Lavrentyev already started to dignify the coastal zone, to build houses for the fishermen to organize paid fishing here. In this case, it helps son Roman. By the way, it is on a farm 3 in 1, and the manager, and the guard, and an accountant. Who is developing novel routes for tourists. The plans to build ethnovillage with yurts.

Roman Lavrentyev: "It's not even dreams. This is to provide quality clean getaway to the man came here, could feel the purity of nature."

Frost on the street, but in a sleigh in the manger warm. And navigating the Nat. the park. Through the woods and across the river Nugush, with the breeze.

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