Bullfinch and treated her back to jail

Former prosecutor of Minsk region Mikhail Bullfinch in hospital, "where he was treated. After treatment, he was sent back to prison in Valadarski Street," — said the law enforcement agencies.

Lawyer Anatoly Shepelevich previously reported that Bullfinch for more than three months, the transcript of the hearing in his case.

The former prosecutor was convicted of abuse of power and other crimes and sentenced to seven years imprisonment by the Supreme Court of Belarus.

The fault Bullfinch not recognized, and the verdict, told reporters he was a victim of corrupt officials in the government, and that the fact that he was convicted of "someone brought money envelopes".

The history of the prosecution of the Minsk regional prosecutor began in the late 2008 a meeting on the fight against corruption. It Alexander Lukashenko voiced the suspicion of illegally acquiring Bullfinch luxury apartments in Minsk and construction for dummies country cottage. The Court then reviewed and rendered its decision on the basis of only the second episode.

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