By 2020, the Belarusian energy will be privatized

The Belarusian authorities have announced their intention to 5 years to implement a phased reform of the Belarusian energy system. It will close on the creation of the national wholesale electricity market and the privatization energaabyaspechvayuchyh organizations.

According to the development strategy of the energy potential of Belarus for the period up to 2020 approved by the Council of Ministers of the number of 9 August 1180, the reform of the power system to be implemented in three phases during 2010-2015.

In the first phase (2010 —2011s) will be created RUE "high voltage electric networks", which will be transferred to the network objects of engineering infrastructure is also planned to adopt a law on electricity.

The second phase (2012-2013) provides for the creation of RUE "Belgeneratsyya" in that will include most major power plants, as well as preparing the ground for the corporatization of power plants.

During the third cycle (2014-2015) is planned to complete the reform of the Belarusian energy system, creating a wholesale market of electric energy (power) and the conditions for effective investment.

At the final stage, the sale and privatization of RUE "Belgeneratsyya." Created distribution and marketing organizations and is auctioning them. In the future, the separation of these organizations in the distribution and marketing as separate legal entities.

The Belarusian authorities plan for the next 10 years to invest in the development of energy at least $ 45.9 billion This amount exceeding one and a half times the current annual GDP of the country, provided the development strategy of the energy potential of Belarus for 2020, approved by the Council of Ministers, writes BDG-online



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