By 2030, Northern Europe will turn to Yakutia — American futurologists

By 2030, Northern Europe will turn to Yakutia.  Photo: www.gorod55.ruNatural disasters in the coming years can completely destabilize the political situation on the whole continent, a forecast futurists scientists commissioned by the U.S. Department of Defense.
The report by Peter Schwartz and Douglas Randall "Weather Report: 2012-2020," a schedule of threats, which was recommended to prepare for the Pentagon.
Disasters, scientists say, will begin next winter. In 2012, a terrible cold has forced many people to migrate deeper into Scandinavia and Russia, Europe, Japan, in order to survive, it may decide to aggression against its neighbors in order to gain territory on the mainland, will increase the mass flow of refugees from the islands of the Caribbean to the United States, Mexico and other countries of the Americas .
In 2015 in Europe, a conflict regarding the allocation of water, food, energy, and between Tokyo and Moscow will be entered into a strategic agreement for the use of energy resources in Siberia and Sakhalin, the U.S. may be flooded with a wave of migrants from Europe, mostly — the rich.
In 2020, the sharp rise in oil prices, in the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea there is a serious armed conflict.
In 2022 will be a conflict of France and Germany over the Rhine river, and by 2030 will leave from Europe and 10% of the population.
By 2025, the civil war is likely in China, which will provoke, and a series of border conflicts, a conflict the U.S. Navy and China in the Persian Gulf.
Schwartz and Randall believe that the cause of most of these troubles will be major changes in the dynamics of ocean currents, including the Gulf Stream, which will knock more of the fresh water that accumulates in the Arctic as a result of melting polar ice caps.
As a result, say futurists, the climate in northern Europe is like the climate of Yakutia.

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