Californians have begun to prepare for the flood of biblical proportions

Californians have begun to prepare for the flood of biblical proportionsForecasters predict rain showers that will turn a large part of California impassable swamp.

Floods are as much an indispensable part of life for residents of California, as well as the famous Californian earthquakes.

Recent severe floods caused by heavy rains that lasted almost continuously for six weeks (!) Happened in 1861. Such storms, when the account of the precipitate is not in centimeters, and the meter, U.S. forecasters call "Arkshtormami" ("Kovchegov storms" similar to Noah's ark, which escaped from the biblical Great Flood, Noah).

They occur, according to weather forecasters, punctually every 100-200 years. Very heavy rains were in California in 1969 and 86 years, but after the power to "Kovchegov" storm them away. So sooner or later, and given the surprises that presents recent climate likely "sooner" than "later" a storm was coming surely. Scientists now predict that as a result of the universal flood homeless remain 10.9 million people, and the damage could exceed one third of a trillion dollars.

A half century ago as the rains began on Christmas Eve, 1860, and lasted until the middle of February next year. The flood was so strong that the Sacramento Valley has turned into an inland sea, and in the Mojave Desert and the Los Angeles basin formed lakes. Storms that swept over the whole state, and destroyed nearly a third of the arable land and led to the bankruptcy of California. Geological Society in the United States began to prepare for the next "Kovchegov" storm. Formed a group of 17 scientists of different directions. According to Lucy Jones, the leader of the group, stormy weather will begin to emerge in the tropics.

Element will gain in strength and speed as it moves to the west and to the West Coast of America has come in the form of a hurricane. One consolation — to "Kovchegov" storm will be ready, because its origin and formation will take a few weeks. Californians are no strangers to natural disasters. Particularly common in the state, "sitting" on the San Andreas Fault, earthquakes. As a result, the most destructive, which occurred in 1906 and had a 7.9 on the Richter scale, killed more than three thousand people. The last strong earthquake measuring 6.9 points occurred in 1989 and killed 63 people.

Zahar Radov

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