Can I purchase a medical certificate in Russia?

Now, many employers are often poorly relate to the fact that the employees of the companies leave the hospital. Some have even said that no payment for sick leave will not be. But such statements employers need to respond quietly. The law is on your side, and even if you managed to buy hospital's set the standard, then the accounting department of the company to which you are working, will have to pay the due amount for you to pay. This amount is dependent on what kind of experience you have in the company. If you have worked in one way or another firm for over 8 years, then you put 100%-s' sick-pay. Bookkeeping should be calculate your average salary for one day and multiply it by the number of days that are specified in your piece of temporary disability.

If you decide not to go a couple of days to work on family incidents, and the employer does not wish to provide time off for you, you can refer to prepyadstviya health. You say, well, so with all the same need to provide hospital's sheet. It would seem that the situation is hopeless, but now there is a service that allows hospital list purchase at the applicable price. You are able to find the number of days that must be entered in a sheet of temporary disability. Now, this service is very popular. No need to think that you will eventually provide "fake" document, that would not have anything to do with the documents of the municipal reference set type. Document confirming the temporary disability will be issued on the basis of all the required standards. Now such a document issued after visiting various medical facilities. If you do not have the ability to independently take sick-list, then courier service will deliver in the short term to have it right at home. For this, you need to contact the operator of the service and honey indicate its clear contact details.

If you have decided to get sick list in hindsight, it is not necessary to go down in the subways to get them in the first comer. We need to realize that such documents, if they meet the requirements can not be fulfilled not in the medical institutions. You just run the risk of losing money and still "light up" with a fake leaf temporal incapacity. Keep your sick leave retroactively only to experienced medical centers, and even better — do not get sick in general. Cheers!

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