Can the military equipment of the Russian Federation to be at the mercy of insurers zabugornyh?

Now, after our homeland became an official member of the Global Trade Organization, can a meaningful way to change the rules of the insurance companies with customers. If to the present day or the situation is often not evolved too far in favor of the customer if his property or health of something negative happened, but now increasing competition fully may result in a positive shift in the direction of the insurer's own direct obligations to the client.

If to talk about insurance auto transport in our country, there are two main types of insurance: CASCO and CTP. Find comprehensive insurance and CTP calculator hull insurance calculator can be quite simple in RuNet.

CASCO often guarantees a full refund of the owner ton of different kinds of harm. Even if case fell on a car or a tree scratch the child, the insurance has to be paid. This, incidentally, is not just a civilian cars, and cars that are attached to military units. But in fact the situation with the payment of the insurance premium is even worse than one would imagine. It often happens that the payment or significantly underestimate, or detained for quite a long time. During this time, the owner has time tf izderzhat the sensuous forces. Even the planned competitiveness in Russia is not yet so effective inventory to regulate the market of insurance companies.

Many people expect that with the arrival on the Russian markets zabugornyh insurers, the situation will move forward. It may be that some modicum of truth in those words are, but because the coin and on the downside. It consists in the fact that before foreign companies can deliver such a barrier at which they will be required to work on the same principles as in the Russian insurance companies now. And then there is the risk that foreign insurers can access the insurance associated with the service of the Armed Forces and the Navy of the Russian Federation. Maybe all look imaginary fear here, but in fact to think that the military equipment falls into a certain dependence on foreign capital, we have to. If so, the state will have and then build some barriers to institutionalize the role zabugornyh insurers regarding the military market of. But will it cause for the occurrence of affiliated companies that are ready to work only with the Armed Forces, under the "patronage" of interested parties.

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