Canada: A powerful storm in Calgary

July 3, 2011 with strong wind gusts up to 100 km / h suddenly appeared in the middle of a sunny summer day in the Canadian city of Calgary, damaging power lines, knocking trees and forming a wall of brown dust, reports

The greatest damage was in the eastern part of the city where the collapsed portion of the brick wall theater in Strathmore.

"It was like a huge bomb explosion," said Melissa Crispin, daughter of the owner of the cinema.

"On the roof of the theater formed a 12-meter hole, and masonry fell and shattered trees and the surrounding green areas," she added.

It happened at about 1:30, after which the emergency services took about 50 phone calls received from residents because of the devastating winds.

When the weather is in full bloom for an hour in Calgary again as suddenly returned sun and blue sky.

"It was very strange," said Lisa Konica, which has just arrived here with his family.

"It was a super-strong wind came out of nowhere."

She said the family was in the pool when they heard the crash. Just around the corner a tree fell on two cars and blocked the street.

About 4,500 people around Calgary remained without power for about two hours.

Working at the Glenmore Reservoir, rescue teams were trying to bring some boats ashore during disasters.

"It was the biggest wave I've ever seen in this reservoir," said Doug Jackson.

According to meteorologists, they were caught by surprise storm.

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