Chamuel Larissa Heniyush not become a citizen of the USSR


Peacock Medelka, Larisa and Vanya Heniyush, Nina Marinkina. Zelva, 1968

Interesting fact: Larissa Heniyush in my life have never voted in the election. Once she had the opportunity to fulfill their constitutional duty — during the elections to the Polish Sejm, but those Belarusians Zelva elections boycotted by the municipality. In All remaining Larissa Heniyush election as a stateless person could not participate.

Her passport was stamped "Stateless", with a note by hand, "the former Czechoslovak citizen of the republic."

Give citizenship to Larisa Heniyush USSR government tried many times. For the sake of it and used sticks and carrots, and were involved in almost all the friends and acquaintances of the poet. Persuade non-Soviet citizen to become a Soviet Zelva one after the other commissioners visited the agitators.

From Grodno declares a strong chairman of the regional organization of writers Alex Karpyuk promised (in the case of citizenship's) apartment in Minsk, writer pension — $ 100 a month, the publication of books not only in Minsk, but also in Moscow.

From Minsk — on the order of Maxim Tank — came Nicholas Prashkovich. Medyyavist, an expert on early printed Scorina, he naively believed that the Soviet citizen Larissa Heniyush immediately begin to live happily, to join the Union of Writers, will go from house to house art and writing, not knowing the creative crises.

Maxim Tank and himself once visited — in the rank of chairman of the Supreme Council for the service "Volga", scaring the district authorities. Larissa Antonovna once picked carrots in vegetable garden, looked at her, as "Sorka Yankeleva", and the distinguished guest conversation never happened.

In the role of agitatarki raided in Zelva and Peacock Medelka. She lived in Heniyush two weeks, even going to permanently move in with him from his Budslav than completely enraged Ivan Petrovich. He knew in Prague Myadelchynaga husband Thomas Mushroom and obviously understand what moved back into their house this well-deserved activist culture …

Despite all the advances, a Soviet citizen Larissa Heniyush and did not. First of all, she knew that by taking citizenship, discrediting the BNR, the secretary of the Board which was in 1943. Second, the Soviet authorities she waited before rehabilitation. Third, the Soviet system poet considered alien for Belarus legally and did not want to be dependent on him. "From Hell fell on my head the whole of the USSR" — she wrote in one not designed to publish the poem.

Do not ignore the issue of citizenship and in letters. That's what Larisa reported Heniyush Adam Maldis in 1968: "The visit of Alexei Karpyuk and rehabilitation of the citizenship requirement without overpowering me completely. Citizenship think, but take me with dread when I think of my muchenni and what they thought deserved. King made a man is not his U.S. citizenship, and the struggle for freedom compatriots. If'll citizenship, they will kill me. They have peranitsuyuts like old clothes to the new style, and I really had no interest. "

And lived a non-Soviet citizen on the street Soviet Zelva. By the way, its 173 residents in This year, have signed for imparting street named Larissa Heniyush.

"We killed, tired out in the world …"
We killed, tired out in the world,
Since the dawn of the parents were taught:
"The greatest wisdom, children —
have to remain in the life of man. "
Let the heart — as if the source
and conscience — the clear sky.
Can not be evil, injustice obey,
if not enough bread.
Krapivko bread, potatoes, replace,
land will not be lost as a mother.
People are scared of those without conscience,
face of a man who has already lost.
I do not like fellow consecrated
that all look sleepy
the prospect of their rubles labeled,
napyaredi — his own person.
Nat past land rejected
the plight of the people, dark,
not for the truth, and for the force
are like those children of the homeless.
Over their fate today, I think,
nat conscience money changed.
I understand bratstsya dark
sanctified — I was sold.
Hmara sky in the morning,
Yet we know that the sun is!
Lazy disappeared and drunks
survived — honest people.
Ancestors heritage treasures are large,
Our hard work, sincerity,
many of the old city,
and the greatest treasure — the humanity.
That the wealth of that greatness exaggerated,
when he lost his face,
when a bratstsyami not suffered,
If your name is not people.
A lot of grief in the life of this we know,
heavy was our people's everyday lives,
Yet nyadaram people told us:
"Belarusians — it is people!".

Publication Valentina Trigubovich



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