Cheap dairy products have disappeared, leaving only expensive


Our constant listener Hope from Minsk expressed her opinion about the average salary figures:

"In our case, the numbers do not correctly display the average wage, because the difference between the lowest and highest salaries are so high that it is several times larger than the very figure of the average wage. When scientific approaches to these conditions, you can not output the average figure, it still does not reflects.

And these promised $ 500 government will end the year with no problems by reducing the number of employees. At the same time, the growing army of the unemployed, but the government does not care. On the contrary, more convenient, because many of the unemployed go abroad to work and bring the currency into the country. "

Economist Boris Zheliba comments on this statement:

Boris Zheliba

"We have a difference between high and low wages is not such as, for example, in Russia. Course, one can criticize these $ 500 as the average temperature in the hospital because there is a salary of 200 dollars or less, and there are 1,000 and 2,000 dollars.

Here, of course, affect the campaign, which has already begun. I am sure that our committee on statistics will display the number, solemnly declare that the 500-dollar earnings reached. Here is connected administrative resources. You know how fast growing rate of the first rank. Most wage increase bureaucracy, directors of enterprises, law enforcers. And it is necessary to pull the teachers, doctors. Here the results are more modest. Statistics show that there are, and how do you check? "

Our Vladimir listener believes that "freedom" too much attention to the poet Larissa Heniyush. He argues as his opinion:

"Dear Editors, I would like to ask why you are constantly talking about the transfer of Larissa Heniyush, because nobody knows. I went into our accounting department and asked who this Larissa Heniyush — nobody knows. Why? She fought against that power which no longer exists. And it turns out that this situation is screwed. When people start talking about Larissa Heniyush, I switched to Deutsche Welle hear something different. Tired of this theme, there are also many other topics. Rokossovskii in his time sitting in the gulag, but for some reason it does not recall the flag is not raised. Yeah a lot of people struggled with power, and with the royal too. Well, it's Larissa Heniyush — is the navel of the earth "?

Chairman of the organizing committee for the grand celebration of the 100th anniversary of the famous poet Larissa Heniyush Michas Scoble responds to the listener:

Michas Scoble

"It seems to me that those modest perpetuating the memory of Larissa Heniyush, including on the radio" Freedom ", timed to coincide with its 100th anniversary, we had not yet paid her debt for decades of silence.

Heniyush — a classic of Belarusian literature and iconic figures of our history. Today, it is already obvious. 100-year anniversary of such people should be celebrated in a big way. I am grateful to the leadership of Radio "Liberty" for a daily pass "August with Heniyush." She comes out and in order to know and Larissa Heniyush in your accounting, Mr. Vladimir. "

Listener from Pinsk disappearance from store shelves of cheap dairy products binds to a possible price increase in their near future.

"I'm calling from Pinsk.'s Gonna give you a job, why many stores have disappeared from Pinsk sale cheap dairy products have appeared on the shelves of only the most expensive? For example," Savushkin product ", which is more than three thousand letters. A cheap Smetana, others products — all gone. Apparently, soon increase prices, the producers decided to cash. unclear why there is no more available for the population of dairy products. "

Our regular listener about another sex scandal, the epicenter of which at this time was an employee of the Embassy of Estonia, spoke as follows:

"It's been a few times on your radio any claims, questions of the Estonian Embassy. I can not figure out what's wrong, what matters who is about personal life this man, photos, etc.

He's a spy, agent or something? Besides Lukashenko makes it do the most reputable organization, the KGB. Why force them to dig in the dirt? And the Alexander G. …? '

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