China and North Korea in the power of the new floods, and Greece and Turkey are covered by forest fires


In China evacuated from the disaster area for more than 100 000 people and the authorities in Pakistan on Sunday, thanking all those who responded to the persistent and flooding in their country.

Subject to the victims of natural disasters relevant today in different parts of the world. World News Sunday associated with major floods in China, North Korea and new wildfires in Greece and Turkey. A Pakistani authorities on Sunday thanked all those who responded to their country's ongoing natural disaster. Burning and sinking place in the material world of Alexander Safronov.

With air bags Pakistanis fall with humanitarian aid. Caught already warned the villagers that the flood relief, so citizens flying whistling items are not afraid. However, not everyone knows where it came from, so the first thing to thank God.

But in Islamabad know and appreciate the efforts of the different countries of the world, which for all their own problems have found an opportunity to highlight Pakistan and money, and equipment, and food with medicines and blankets for people who demolished the strongest of their seats for nearly 100 years flood. On Sunday, the Pakistani authorities have announced that the total assistance to the country will be about $ 800 million. There is money in this sum and 2 planes with humanitarian aid from Russia.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Pakistan's Foreign Minister:
— We are extremely grateful for the solidarity and support extended to Pakistan. On behalf of all the people I want to thank all the friendly countries.

Meanwhile, the water will attack North Korea and China. Due to heavy rains flood destroys everything in its path in the river separating the two states. In China it is called the Yalu River, North Korea — Amnokkan. While aware of several drowned in China. There goes the evacuation — from disaster areas taken over 100 000 people. North Korea has no injuries were reported. Local authorities confirmed only that also evacuating their citizens. Of course, the situation is tense, but some, such as these young, which rises on a rope into the helicopter, learn what is happening even as extreme, but the romantic adventure.

But among the Greeks on the island of Evia lit romantic front of the camera was not there. The country's forests are burning almost every year, and still no system to prevent and quickly put out the fire in Greece, no. The citizens of this causes depression.

Suffer from large wildfires in neighboring Turkey.

— We ourselves are saved, but all the property destroyed! I do not know where to go, where to stay overnight. Still and all the animals are gone somewhere.

Many unhappy European authorities in Brussels, which did not organize proposed, in particular, France, Pan-European rapid reaction force to such natural disasters.

Alexander Safronov. "TV Center".

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