China: half a year of natural disasters killed 449 people

July 10, 2011. According to the report of the Government of China, published on Saturday, for the first six months of this year, natural disasters that raged in the country and claimed the lives of 449 people, and 100 are still missing, according

Disaster caused a direct economic loss of $ 142 billion yuan ($ 21.8 billion) and forced 3 million people to evacuate their homes. 274,000 buildings destroyed, according to the report posted on the website of the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

From January to June, the Chinese mainland were numerous earthquakes with magnitude 5.0 or higher, and three tropical storms.

A total of 25.5 million hectares of crops were affected by disasters, such as droughts, floods, snow, and 1.93 million of them have remained unharvested, the report said.

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