China has recorded about 200 thousand possible foci geobedstvy

Nanchang, Nov. 3 / Xinhua / — Currently in China were about 200 thousand seats, which poses a hidden danger of geological disasters. A total of 112 cities and 102 county are the most vulnerable to or very geobedstviyam areas.

These data have been published on the All-China working meeting on management of the geological environment, held recently China Institute of geological prospecting in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province / East China /.

It is learned that since 1999, China started a nationwide survey of land and natural resources, which spent 12 years and 12 billion yuan of funds / 2 billion dollars /.

According to the results of the survey revealed a number of possible pre geobedstvy centers in China, the pattern of their distribution, their characteristics and severity. These achievements are widely used in the management of land and natural resources of the state in social and economic development, effective help in disaster management and security of life and property of the masses.

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