Cleveland, USA: The crack on the St. Clair remains a mystery

August 3, 2011. The incident took place more than a month ago on St. Clair Avenue. The crack is on the sidewalk from Ontario to the East 6th Street.

Experts are at a loss, whether it is caused by weak structure sidewalk, temporary geological fault, or was it something else?

On research planned budget of $ 465 million, funded by taxpayers.

Jeff Applebaum is a representative of the project. He says that a lot of brains and technology have been thrown into the battle, trying to find out what caused the cracks and whether it can happen again.

Tiltmeters, inclinometers, ground radar, and the rig — it was used for data collection. Some tests will be repeated.

"We still do not have a final conclusion about the causes of crack … It may be more complicated than we think, and so far there are no results, I would have to refrain from speculation on this topic"

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