Climate recognized the inevitable apocalypse

Climate recognized the inevitable apocalypse

Most scientists attribute the increasing trend in recent years, natural disasters in the world with the effect of global warming. It is believed that a significant contribution to the increase in global temperature brings humanity. However, there are also scientists, ready to disprove the popular theory of the effects of human activities on the global climate.
American researchers, representing the State Museum at the University of Nebraska, said that the Earth is currently experiencing the impact of a natural rhythm. Warming goes on, and the person next to nothing can oppose the reasons that the global temperature is increasing every year.

Ross Secord, assistant professor of earth and atmospheric phenomena, and a leading paleontologist of Nebraska, has managed to recreate the model on which the ancient climate changes occurred. In particular, we are talking about global warming, but not about the present, and that the "cover" our planet about 56 million years ago. Their research assistants were in the north-western parts of Wyoming, where scientists looked at the composition of the oxygen isotopes in the teeth of prehistoric animals in the excavation.

From these data, paleontologists were able to determine how much the temperature rise occurred during the previous global warming. Secord has estimated that in the ancient Earth inflame about ten degrees in a hundred years. About as hot planet today. But 56 million years ago, people still could not emit tons of CO2, and now it turns out that from us do not depend.

Global warming is inevitable, we have no influence on the natural cycles of nature, and dominating the planet. Improve air quality, plant trees and refuse hazardous industries possible. But to stop the increase in the average annual temperature is unrealistic. The ice at the poles of the Earth is still slowly melting. And in this century, we can see the free sea route through the Arctic coast of Russia to the United States.

According to forecasts of the special environmental commission to the UN, by 2100 the world will face the challenge of climate migrants. These are to be at least 200 million, their countries will disappear under water. For example, a popular tourist destination Maldives is already preparing for the nation-wide evacuation. Over the next 50 years, the island will sink. And according to research, nothing to do with it we can not.

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