Closed the school — lost village

On the eve of the new academic year, the Belarusian authorities to eliminate another 52 schools. And in the past two years the number of educational institutions has decreased by almost 200. The reason officials called malakamplektnasts schools — that is, to them there is a shortage of students and the number of extra teachers and technicians.

Today, the regional correspondent of "Freedom" figuring out where children will learn to work and adults from the public schools?

Gomel Oblast

Superiors — to the south, the students — to the north

The Gomel region this year was no 7 day and a night school. Among them Belitskiy basic school that Rogachevskoye area.

The school, local authorities are going to open the so-called social-service complex, a sewing shop, and more.

About three dozen students who relies on September 1 sit down at their desks, the district authorities is going to bring up the bus to Stavpnyanskuyu high school. It is located 5 kilometers south of Belitsky.

However, this solution does not suit all students and their parents. Some children want to continue their education in Gorodets, which is located at 6 km to the north.

Says his father shastsiklyasnika:

The children want to continue their education in the Russian school …

"School is closed — the views of children and parents separated. Some children want to study in Stovpni, and some — in Gorodets. Stovpnyu In Children guarantee supply, and in Gorodets did not want to bring up our children. Belitskiy In our school instruction was in Russian. In Gorodetsky school tuition and Russian-speaking. Children want to continue their education in the Russian school. Moreover, there Gorodets and career-oriented training. "

Neither students nor their parents do not have yet a clear answer whether organized supply of children in school Gorodetsky.

Mother of schoolgirl: "Head of the regional department of education Guzelevich says that it is unprofitable to haul students to Gorodets. Just to be in Stovpnyu. And then he said that did not specifically respond to our question. Like, wait for."

With the closure of the school Belitskiy lost a permanent job and teachers. Their razmyarkovvayuts whom much — and Rahačoŭ 30 miles away, and in the neighboring school:

"Two — in Gorodets one — in Stovpnyu one — the school number 2 in Rahachou — one in the school gym teacher number 150. Nine people get laid off in the training and production plant — three technicals, they are not yet employed. Some teachers were unacceptable proposal. Librarian is still around. "

The school Belitskiy existed since 1953. By 2005, it was average, in recent years there as a base. On September 1, there will not be it.

Locals say that as a settlement Belitsk torfabryketchykav began to lose perspective with the closing of peat briquette plant.

Closure of the school in general makes vain hope of his recovery in the future.


"Complained about everywhere, but school zychynili"

The region covered only six primary schools, five base and two high schools. Pupils promise to haul transportation to other schools, and teachers need to change jobs.

In the village Hrysava Berezovsky district in the new school year basic school is closed. Eleven teachers and 25 pupils will be redirected to neighboring schools. Said the director of the school is closed:

"Magisterium of the team offer a new place of work. Someone will have to rest some more work. Were forced to accept it and accept it."

Students will now attend school in Belaaziorsk, or in the village Zditava. The district government promises to let coaches. But there may be a problem, says Wellyharka villages:

would have to travel by bus …

"In Beloozersk daily shuttle bus from the Department of Education. But he carries children to kindergarten.'m Afraid that we will be on it spaznyatstsa for lessons. So, apparently, would have to travel by bus. But some children will ride in Zditava. District Education promises to give additional bus for the children. "

Teachers and parents until recently wrote to various authorities with a request to leave school. But the appeals were not heeded, says principal. For the village is another step in the "neperspektyvnasts":

For the village is another step in the "neperspektyvnasts" …

"Parents and teachers wrote to the regional, district education offices. But the answer was unequivocal. Few pupils, the school should be closed. Village is dying."

A resident of Nikolaev Kamenetz district says that the closure of the school was negatively perceived their parents. They tried to defend their school, but their correspondence with the officials did not bring fruit:

"It is like the children to be in place, there is no need to get into the city. And standing experience, yet it is a city, the traffic is constant. Kamenetz Up close — four kilometers, but it is in the city, and not near the house."

At the site of this summer school was established tourist center, where children came to rest from the regional center. However, the district administration could think in advance about the prospects of the villages. Especially those that are not far from the city, said a resident of Nikolaev:

"I believe that in all this blame our leaders. Quite near the district center here. Why can not stimulate the construction in our country? Would then the youth would be a school. And so, just promises. Said to give a bus that will transport children, and in fact will be — we'll see. "

Grodno region

"The fight to no avail, and the president did not help"

In Grodno region this year have closed two basic schools. Parents rybovodno school appealed to the presidential administration with the requirement not to close, but the fight to no avail.

As a rule, in the Grodno District Board explained to me that the basic school was closed for economic reasons, they say, teachers in schools than children.

As for the employment of teachers from the public schools, then, as it turned out, not all got new jobs. That's what told our radio Deputy District Board of Grodno, Valentine:

Woman: "We offered to all employment. We met with the staff of the school fish breeding, but some on our terms not agreed. Well, all financial aid will be paid in connection with the liquidation of the school."

Parents of children rybovodno school since spring sought to school is not closed. It is located in a beautiful spot in the woods, it employs all communications, building and school grounds are well-kept.

The parents appealed to the officials executive committee, called the new Chairman of the Executive Committee Semyon Shapiro, and also sent a letter to the presidential administration. Initially, members of the inspection commissions offered to parents to encourage children from other villages, so they went to their school.

Woman: "We ourselves, the parents went to Bagushovku knowing that Tsydovitskaya school — in disrepair, and there bad haul the kids and talked with parents and collected 12 statements. Thought that all is well, but again recently answered close. Parents outraged why at that school, which is destroyed, there is money in the budget, and to our
own, which is in good condition, do not find the money. "

Mistress and adds yet another weighty reason why parents asked officials not to close the school.

All our children are largely lose, as they were in Belarusian-language school, and in Riverlands — Russian-language …

Woman: "All of our children in many ways lose, as they were in Belarusian-language school, and in the Riverlands — Russian language. Imagine all subjects: math, chemistry, physics, and others have studied in Belarusian. And now they have a year just to break it all" .

Worried parents about how their children will be in the winter dayazhzhats 10 kilometers to a new school since last year, when temperatures reach 30 degrees no buses no one drove.

And parents wonder one thing.

Woman: "You know that in our school promised to do? Nursing Home in half with an entertainment center for kids. You imagine this represent? '.


Officials say it is difficult to monitor school outskirts

In this region, close five rural schools. Children will carry to school and district centers of agro-towns. Closure of the primary institutions of education officials to explain not appropriate content malakamlektnyh classes. Andrew Belagubav theme continues.

No student will remain in school Mogilev, Dribinsk yes Klimovichi areas. It remains up to two dozen students. Decided to close the school district executive committees, said employee of the Regional Department of Education:

"We are closing five elementary schools. Children will be driving up agricultural towns in the school. They are equipped schools, there are shots. At a small school, if it is in the suburbs with a student, it is difficult to organize and control costs are large. As a team the children should be brought up in the first satsyyalizavatstsa society. "

At the initial closing Drybinshchyne Belarusian-language school in the village Nareby. Eight children will carry a dozen kilometers to school with Russian language of instruction agro village Mikheevka.

"None of the parents did not express such a wish that their children learned in the Belarusian language. Therefore, we do not even considered as a question. Was the second year we organize transportation of children from the neighborhood in Karebskaga Mikheevskoye nursery-garden. There is also an educational process in Russian "- explained in the Department of Education Dribin executive committee.

In the Mogilev district of the village primary school Briley converted to a kindergarten. Two dozen local high school students will travel to the village agro Kadino. On his Belarusian schools they also have to forget.

with visor, changed the emphasis on raseyskamovnasts …

"In the past year, when was the last call, the children were holding a book with the word" ABC ", and three months later, in September held the" Primer. "We have, even in the hood, the emphasis changed to raseyskamovnasts. Nobody asks especially want Whether it's parents. simply and all "- says local resident Nicholas Yatskov.

According Yatskov unreliable future holds and the local kindergarten. If the kids there will be fewer than two dozen, and eliminate it.



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