Coitus (Coitus, copulation, copulation, copulatory act of sexual intercourse, intercourse) — genital contact between two individuals for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification, as well as for procreation. Distinguish between heterosexual coitus — between the sexes and homosexual — between members of the same sex.

Under intercourse has traditionally been understood act of vaginal sex. It may be accompanied by other forms of sexual activity partners — petting, oral or manual stimulation of the erogenous zones, masturbation in the presence of a partner, etc. In vaginal sex, and other forms of sexual activity is possible orgasm in one or both of the partners.

Sexual intercourse with a person is a very complex process consisting of a number of psychological and physiological conditional and unconditional reflexes occurs when the penis to achieve an erection, and men, as a rule, a woman's genitals are also excited and ready to copulate — sexual male member is inserted into the woman's vagina. In healthy men without sexual desire does not come purposeful erection, erection is not possible without frictions, and no orgasm without ejaculation.

The process of introduction of the penis into the vagina is a powerful stimulus for sexual arousal. Thereafter man reciprocating motion of his term (friction), with its sexual excitement continues to grow as a result of irritation of the glans penis. Achieving the highest sexual arousal (orgasm) in men is accompanied by the eruption of semen (cum) in the upper end of the vagina near the cervix. Then the sperm through the cervical canal passes into the uterus and the upper section of the fallopian tubes. There is fertilization of the egg, the egg is a combination of (eggs) with the sperm, if by the time the sperm into the uterus and fallopian tubes, there is ready to fertilize the egg.

Sexual intercourse ending orgasm (orgasmic discharge), causing increased blood flow, increased heart rate and breathing, profuse perspiration office — as a consequence sexual act leaves a pleasant feeling of fatigue and muscle relaxation. During intercourse, increased blood pressure and heart rate in a phase of orgasm sometimes reaches 120-180 beats, respiratory rate 40 per minute, which is achieved rates observed during the most strenuous sports. Breathing becomes shallow and intermittent, being replaced at the end of orgasm a few deep breaths.

The man with sexual intercourse all the physiological reactions go faster and stop more sharply than in women, which can do more preparatory period, and the feeling of sexual satisfaction comes later and at a slower pace than in men. Average duration of intercourse young healthy people under normal conditions ranges from 2-5 minutes to 10 minutes at the first sexual approximation. If you repeat sexual intercourse can be tightened, to lengthen. Can be regarded as any normal duration of sexual intercourse, which allows to obtain sexual satisfaction for both partners.

Regular sexual activity, corresponding to the individual capabilities is optimal. When violations during the sexual intercourse necessary to see a doctor-sexologist.

The stimulation of the erogenous zones

The man on the body, there are certain areas that touch almost inevitably causes sexual arousal. The penis and the clitoris are a two examples of particularly sensitive in the sexual sense organs. However, almost any area of the body can be prepared for the fact that, when it appeared erotic stimulation reaction. If you touch a certain part of the body leads anyone to his sexual arousal, the corresponding portion called his erogenous zone. Typical erogenous zones outside the genitals are the earlobes, mouth, chest, buttocks, lower abdomen, inner thighs and crotch.

Oral-genital sex

Many receive intense sexual pleasure, when their genitals are stimulated orally.

The term "fellatio" is used when the kiss, lick or suck the penis, or allow them to move in the mouth. Some men especially like it when driven by the so-called bridle at the bottom of the penis head, one of the most sensitive areas of the genitals.

The term "cunnilingus" refers to kissing, licking and sucking the clitoris, labia and vaginal opening and the introduction to the language of the vagina.

Oral-genital sex is usually considered to be relatively safe if you follow the basic rules of hygiene, if neglected, can lead to the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. Some partners are afraid of ejaculation in the mouth due to a false understanding of the risk of swallowing sperm. If the partners are not carriers of sexually transmitted diseases or HIV, semen can be swallowed without fear, it will just be digested.

Anal sex

One option is anal sexual intercourse sexual intercourse — the introduction of the penis into the anus partner. Anal sphincter has resisted the introduction of the penis, so the introduction of lubricant is required and caution. Doctors occasionally detect damage the anus or rectum, which are the result of anal sex, and sometimes these injuries can be severe.

If the active partner infected with HIV, the tissue damage during anal sex can increase the chance of infection of the other partner. In this situation requires the use of a condom, which provides a substantial, though not absolute protection, even if it's not certain that the active partner not infected. After anal intercourse is not safe to enter the penis in the mouth or vagina, because in this way you can introduce bacteria and cause an infection.

Vibrators, pornography and fantasy

Partners can jointly apply for aid in order to deliver an intense sexual pleasure each other — vibrators, viewing of pornographic publications, films.

Some couples like to embody the sexual fantasies together, and they find it very challenging occupation.

Sexual stimulant (aphrodisiac)

Other drugs and foods are considered capable of stimulating sexual arousal in those who consume them. Ability to act as aphrodisiacs attributed such products, such as eggs, olives, peanuts, oysters, venison and bananas.

Fail-safe sexual stimulant does not exist. Many of them operate in the extent to which a person believes in their effectiveness. Who longs for sexual stimulation, is looking for ways to achieve it and expects that she is about to happen, there is nothing surprising in the fact that it actually happens.

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