Completed an expedition to Taganay




July 12, 2004 ended with a comprehensive regional research expedition of the "Yekaterinburg-Kosmopoisk" ("Stalker") in the Chelyabinsk region. Was examined in detail Taganay mountain range (which is near Chrysostom), and verified the rumors about UFOs in the village Isakov. Prior to this TAGANAY group was already 2 times. But no anomalies are confirmed and not found. That is why the third expedition was undertaken there. Fortunately, this time the members of the group came back empty-handed. The trip proved to be very effective. However, to see for themselves the promised UFO again failed. Although the night observations were conducted on a regular basis … Ural stalkers conquered almost the entire Taganay: biceps were in the hills, to Respond ridge on Mount Kruglitsa, reached the Far Taganay visited the weather station outliers "Three Brothers", as well as slides and Terent'ev Sand Mountain, not to mention the forest area and the museum Chrysostom. Produced a wealth of information: from the geological structure of the ridge and down to the appearance in these parts "Bigfoot." We talked to numerous eyewitnesses who told everyone they knew …
In the village Isakovo find witnesses UFO or other paranormal failed. That, however, was to be expected. And surrounding areas — Koptelovo and Tabora — also nothing strange no one has seen. We talked to many people: young, old residents, hunters, and in particular — from the director of the local museum. Caves were discovered on the banks of the river Dir. Of course, not without the help of residents. These caves are purely natural origin and are not related to them any mysterious stories … Detailed travel reports will be presented on the website of the group.


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