Completion of construction of railway

… started here and continued here

Everything has a logical conclusion, and this building also had to end sometime. Yes, because of the lack of mechanization, because of the small number of workers, and even a heap of different complexities construction was delayed by 2.5 months, and this Sunday, the main work was finished.

On Saturday, depot workers have already started to collect the trolley, which should be delivered locomotive, which was then towed to repair this road. There, for technical reasons, the work came to a standstill, so it was decided on Sunday to lay the last 10 meters of the way and in this way to complete the styling. Ballasting, bearing and alignment of the path set aside for later, especially hoping to be able to repair the hopper-doser CD-2a.

Primary means of moving in any remote village where there is a narrow-gauge railway — motodrezina, aka "The Pioneer", aka "mad stool" …

The boys spent an insane amount of time attaching the rails to the sleepers, it was caused by the fact that the bonds were starogodnie and are pretty rusted, so the installation to give in easily.

Here we see a small radius curve. According to the stories of those who was packing her, she brought a lot of difficulties, the rails did not want to bend, and constantly strove to change the installation path.

Walk further, beyond the curve.

Here, in fact, the path ends. Natural hill in the area will turn into a dead stop.

And here is the "golden joint" …))

.. Well, sboltachivanie gold interface)))) This on the road you will not see anywhere else — a bolt to pass smoothly through the site connecting pieces. As you can imagine it costs the use of used rails, which for decades had lain cooked in lengthy lashes, and then, during dismantling, were cut into smaller pieces.

From the "golden joint" to the "golden spike", more bolt))

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